July 13, 2024

Silicon Beasts Suffers Setback

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Silicon Beast

Headlines must represent how things are and not how we wish them to be.  The wager selecting App suffers setback as San Diego State not only lost but they failed to get into the region of plus two points.  While this still has a profit early in the thirty days, it is of a concern that it feels that the best plays have been road teams.  If this trend continues, it will be interesting if it is deemed that the linesmakers are vulnerable in this way.  So without any further ado, let us peek in on at the world of sport and pick the Silicon Beast’s mind to see where profit could be today.

Grigor Gassed Once Again

Andy Murray was on the ropes in the fourth set against Grigor Dimitrov.  Even though he was up two sets to one, the hand gestures with facial expressions allowed all to see the heat that Andy was feeling.  Up a break, ATB writers went out for a coffee to enjoy a riveting fifth set.  When we got back, the byline was already written as Andy won the last games in a row and escaped with a four set victory.  Alas this is the weakness of one of the brighter spots in Men’s Tennis.  His stamina was lacking verses a frustrated veteran with a history of back problems.  Instead of closing out, Grigor got gassed and folded his cards meekly.  In normal three set tournies, Dimitrov is a very solid bet.  In the grand slam format, if he does not get on a roll like Cilic did then he will never hoist the hardware.

Curious Case of Utah


  •     2-1 +$90 = +0.90 Units

Utah had the Pac-12 world on a string.  Most teams are expected to lose at Arizona but the level of blowout causes them concerns looking forward to tournament time.  This is for another day as the App has them solidly in its sites.  Linesmakers and the books have the game currently at – 12 for the Utes.  Beast mode gives this game closer to fifteen.  With a limited amount of games on the slate, research indicates that no significant injuries are to be reported for this one.  All of this into consideration makes the official Day Four Silicon Beast Selection as the Utah Utes at -12.

One week to the Super Bowl.  We are going to look at the wild and wacky Super Bowl props.  Also on the agenda will be a recap to see if the Beast remains in the profit zone.  All of this next time for the ATB faithful.  Enjoy your day and good fortune to your wagers this evening.

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