April 12, 2024

Silicon Beast Undefeated Going Into Day Three

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Silicon Beast Undefeated

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Yesterday’s selection of Valparaiso covered as we had +6 and they only lost the game by a single point.  Another day and yet again one more road team.  The app is indicating that one of the imperfections of these carbon based lines is undervaluing the road team. Today it has the opinion that San Diego State is much stronger that the line of +2 that it has.  One of the questions that naturally pops up is that if this program takes into account altitude as part of the home court advantage.  In Fort Collins, the thinner air at Colorado State might have some sway in it.  However there is such a great difference that ATB has decided that San Diego State +2 -110 is the Silicon Beast’s play of the day.


Klay’s Statement

Hats off to Klay Thompson.  Fifty two points is a rare enough feat to possibly lead Sports Center.  When one of the components of this involves  37 point quarter, coffee mugs are slowly sat down so that one can focus on history.  A twenty five point blowout is common place for the state of the Warriors franchise.  Naturally one’s mind drifts to Curry for this feat but his back court mate did this and made the most of all of his touches.  Here are some of the eye popping stats.

  • 64 percent from the field
  • 25 shots from the field
  • 11-15 from three point line
  • 9-10 at the charity stripe.

Third quarter he went a perfect 13 for 13 as his team mates just fed him.  Stephen Curry went to social media to express his shock.  When one of the prolific shooters is in  awe of what you did, a truly special night was seen on Friday evening.

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