July 13, 2024

Big Four Takes a Blow While The Silicon Beast Roars Out of the Gate

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Big Four Collapse

Always good to win the first is an adage used in poker cash games.  When two players are all in, they often agree to run the hand two times or more to reduce variance.  As the river card is played, the person that wins the first time gets his share of the pot before the next iteration is put forth.  Doyle and countless others on televised poker grin when they take the first one down when they run it twice.  The same could be said of our projects.  Somewhat longer in time than most, never the less it is good  to wake up in the morning and see the profit posted to your account on Day One.  So let us see how the Silicon Beast ravaged the basketball world yesterday and what is in store for ATB today.

Notre Dame Spanks Va Tech

Linesmakers dropped the line to nine for fears of a Fighting Irish letdown in Blacksburg.  The Silicon Beast saw a ND victory well into the double digits.  Pitting artificial intelligence verses experienced linesmaker is not supposed to be profitable but college basketball is different.  So many games on a typical game that we feel this exploit is here.  ND won by twenty five and covered easily.

  • After Day 1 = 1-0 +$100 = +1.00 Units

Day Two and Challenges Already

A limited amount of games this evening brings the advantage we seek back down to Earth.  We have a cringe factor involved because it likes another road heavy favorite.  It is also in the Top 25.  The Silicon Beast likes VCU -13 at St. Louis.  It seems to have no fear of any psychological factors like home court advantage or a team playing up against a heavy favorite.  However investigating deeper into this, there is a key injury consideration.  Treveon Graham has an ankle injury which makes him questionable for this one.  His 17.1 PPG and 7.0 RPG will be missed.  So we have to pass on this selection.  The next one and the OFFICIAL SILICON BEAST selection is Valparaiso at +6.  Good fortune to us and hopefully we will continue this promising start.

One final note.  The Big Four are crumbling in men’s tennis.  Federer is out in the Aussie Open losing in four sets to a player he had beaten all ten previous times.  It is indeed an end of an era and we hope that his retirement tour announcement happens soon so we can celebrate the player he is before he becomes a shell of what he was.


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