July 13, 2024

Raising Your Level with the Silicon Beast

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Silicon Beast

Evolution is continuing every day in the arena of sports handicapping.  Old ideas such as our NHL Consensus project were being revisited to see if the public has evolved into a profitable source of picks.  While we can learn from history, handicappers should also be moving forward with an eye on new sources of information and wagers.  One of the exciting frontiers that might pay off is computer wagering.  Create a model, input the data, and wait for the results to be calculated in an emotionless environment.  With continual tweaking, it can remain both relevant and beyond the curve.  Here at ATB, we are excited to announce our next thirty day project in which we would like to term Unleash the Silicon Beast.

College Basketball is our Next Arena

The more games to choose from is the sport that we will strike at.  We have an app in mind that simulates games in frequency of the thousands.  It produces the result with an expected margin of victory.  An examination of the lines will cause us to notice which events that the books differ the most with the app.  A quick consultation with the Internet to see that no sudden injury has caused the line to change and we are in.

With the First Selection The App Chooses


  • Notre Dame – 9 1/2 @ Va Tech
  • 0-0 +$0 = 0.00 units

A quick scan indicates that Bibbs is expected to miss this game for the Hokies due to concerns from a concussion.  The Fighting Irish have no factors to alter what the app likes about them.  This had a great difference in projected margin of victory in comparison with the posted lines.  So good fortune with this new venture.  Tomorrow we will continue coverage on this and expand our scope to other sports.


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