July 13, 2024

NHL’s Best Secret Annoys NHL All Stars

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Canon NHL


All-Star Games from major sporting leagues are a dicey affair.  While featuring the players that most want to see, the event will eventually be judged by how far it deviates from ‘normal’ action. Baseball is judged king by this criteria because the games are worth something and still retain enough similarities to regular season play.  The NBA has a little less defense but can till resemble street ball.  So how is the American public to judge the orgy of goals in the 17-12 result yesterday?  An evaluation of this and do not forget your Silicon Beast update as we approach day four.

Best Secret in the NHL is a Canon 

Columbus has a weapon in their arsenal that only those that watch their games are really familiar with.  When their home team scores, a canon fires a simulated shot with a very real noise.  The locals love it.  Players visiting yesterday did not as the stadium halls echoed eleven times yesterday (12 goals-one canon misfire = eleven).  It became so disconcerting that some participants had their friends tweet so they could vent their displeasure.  The term best refers to the secret aspect as could you imagine this being present in every NHL venue.  Stock in earplugs would soar if this were to be so.


Silicon Beast Reborn

Utah rescued the app like most of the bettors that have been tailing the Utes at home this year.  Odd that with Utah slaughtering teams at home that the linesmakers will downgrade the spread that Utah would give Washington last night.  Well the Silicon Beast was pleased to take advantage of this and cash last night.  Here is the updated tally.

  • 3-1 +$190 = +1.90 units

The selection for tonight is again Valpariso.  They cashed for us earlier and the app thinks that the linesmakers are still not respecting them enough.  The selection of the night is Valpo – 13 1/2.  Good fortune to us as this thirty day project marches on.

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