January 20, 2022

Silicon Beast Cashes in on Valparaiso Again!

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Valparaiso again

ATB is well on its way with another thirty day handicapping project.  In the NHL, we attempted to make money by cashing in on overwhelming public sentiment despite whatever chalk was faced.  We cashed five units on that one for our month worth of work.  Now we are examining whether silicon selections in college basketball will do the same thing for us.  We are approaching day six and so far so good.  So read up on how the progress is going, what is the selection for the day, and what happened in the Aussie Open that has us asking two questions.


Tomas Berdych decided to upstage a young and upcoming Rafa Nadal in his home country.  Sending him packing, he motioned to the crowd to shush and Nadal never forgot it.  Since then, he has taken a particular interest to demolish Tomas at every turn.Finally one of the longest rivalry losing streaks in tennis is over at seventeen.  With stamina still a question, Nadal got swept away in three straight in the Aussie Open.  Berdych was happy but understated as to not revisit that past slight.  Now with another Big Four member losing badly, two questions come to mind.  1.  Is Nadal essentially relegated to one or maybe two more Grand Slam titles in his career? 2.  With only Novak left, would less than five grand slams in the next two years be a letdown to him?

Valpo Does it Again

Valparaiso Again

Five days in and the App has opted for Valparaiso again.  The spread was -13 and it was easily covered in a twenty five point win.  Now here is the updated tally.

  • 4-1 +$290 = +2.90 Units

Silicon selects Central Michigan + 3 1/2 against Kent State.  The program is of the opinion that CMU should win more than lose at Kent State.  This is another gulf of distance that needs to be crossed. So whom will build a better bridge tonight?  Will the linesmakers show superior knowledge or will silicon calculate the path to profit?

The Australian Open is continuing to show how the legends of the game are aging rapidly.  Now we have the ladies tonight that could be bounced out at a profit for us.  Cibulkova is at +415 against Serena.  Madison Keys is +125 verses Venus.  Organizers would like to see this all sister semi final.  However ATB feels this is not going to happen, one of them t least should get upset.  We are going to bet a unit on each of their opponents.  If we are right in just one of the two, we are in the cash.  Think of us as you watch the matches unfold.  Check back tomorrow to see how the Silicon Beast is doing.

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