January 27, 2022

Trap is Set on a Big 12 Team

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The richer get richer while another high flying show has run aground.  Hockey has once again shown that their players have heart and their care for the fans extends way beyond game time.  So how did Oregon try to ensure they will stay at their lofty heights?  Finally, what Big 12 basketball team has been exposed.  All of this in the next edition of your ATB Trip Wire.

Ducks Keep Climbing Higher

If the Oregon Ducks win football’s national championship, it will be a long time coming.  They have scaled the heights, outlasted Stanford in the Pac-12, and barely missed out via the blowout to Ohio State.  Now the school wishes to cement the foundation that this success has been built on.  Mark Helfrich got a hefty new contract for five years and seventeen and one half million dollars.  Also in his coffers is a commitment from FCS stud quarterback Vernon Adams.  With a 75 percent raise and a possible replacement for Marcus, Oregon is ready to take flight once again.

Ovechkin’s Heart

Too rarely do we cover the feel good stories at ATB News.  We have one that finally came to fruition from the NHL All-Star gae.  Alex Ovechkin came to conquer the exhibition game and now we know why.  His quest for the MVP came with a car.  A many of substantial means wanted to donate the vehicle to a cause he thought very worthy.  The prize went to a youth hockey team.  Their focus is on kids with special needs.  His interactions with a ten year old lady named Ann Schaab touched Alex’s heart.  Ann has down syndrome but that did not stop them from sharing sushi in building a friendship the little lady will cherish for her life.

Catching Onto Iowa State

One dimensional teams are proving to be very mortal this year.  First, San Diego State was touted by a lot of cappers only to have their vaunted defense not be enough because the Aztecs can not score a lick themselves. Now the Iowa State Cyclones run and gun act is wearing thin on Big 12 foes.  They got a Kansas scalp earlier this year but now Oklahoma has caught onto them with a 94-83 win last night.  The problem for Iowa State is that when pace alone is not enough to cause opponent’s turnovers then the jig is up.  Only six free throws for the Sooners and they still win by double digits.  Iowa State might win a few rounds but they have to many flaws to make a meaningful run in the Big 12 tourney.


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