January 27, 2022


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The call from the warden might be in the works after all.  Facing a real money death sentence, the Silicon Beast dug deep for a quality pick.  It opted for the Baylor Bears +4 and they came through big time.  Now we stand at -3.90 units but are still in the cross hairs.  Find out how we survived the initial blow but could still have the clock strike midnight on us.  This and much more in this ATB wake up.

Rex Ryan Reprieves Incognito

With ownership’s approval, Rex Ryan of the Bills decided to take a risk on Richie Incognito.  He was the poster child for being a bully when the Dolphins cut him from their team.  Since then he has been in limbo but Rex obviously believes in second chances.  Ryan himself has gotten one when he moved from New York to Buffalo.  The NFL actually gave their go ahead to rejoin the league almost a year ago but had no takers after tryouts with Tampa, Denver, and KC.  At his advanced age of 31, this is the premium opportunity that he was looking for.  In fact, he might be better already than some of the starting guards that the Bills fielded last year.  If they get the Bills to the playoffs, 1999 will be a distant memory and all will be forgiven in Buffalo.

Free at Last

  • 6-9-1 -$390 = – 3.90 Units

Maple Leaf fans were liberated from a long losing streak.  ATB is happy for their 5-1 win over Edmonton but their offensive flourish doomed our under recommendation for you.  With them enjoying freedom, we can now get down to business.  The Silicon Beast has one chance for complete reprieve but it must come through today.  It has produced a result that makes me cringe.  San Diego State it has a highly favorable opinion of.  It thinks they are a decent road favorite while the market has them at +1 when they visit Boise State today.  So be it, this is a definite line in the sand selection.  The official Silicon Beast selection is San Diego State +1 at Boise State today.



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