September 28, 2022

Maintaining Your Mindset : When Your Sports Betting Lean Goes Wrong

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Few things feel better than planning and ultimately scoring on a sports betting lean or a caper.  Your hard work has paid off and it feels like you have been given a license to print money from your sportsbook.  All the events leading up to the game seem to transpiring for you like some sort of divine intervention.  The line want you get.  A smile crosses your lips as after you get yours, the market responds in your favor driving the line to worse territory.  Comfy chair with favorite brew in hand and then….


Do Not Panic

The most common scenario is that your selection does not come to pass due to an unseen circumstance.  Take the Lakers and Rockets last night.  A lot of my cohorts went with the Rockets in part because of the Lakers back to back games and Dwight wanting to get revenge against his former team.  Before game time, Dwight is scratched.  The spread wagers were destroyed and the legs of the parlay that had Houston ML were incinerated.  A tragic tale that happens much too often.

My Own Personal Lean Last Night

For the day, I was on cloud nine.  I scoured the Buffalo weather and suspected days out that the snow would be bad.  I decided to lean on the under as both Kent State and Buffalo were going to go nowhere.  Reports came in that Kent State gave it their all and gutted out the bus ride an extra long time finally arriving.

I was counting the money as the feet of snow descended onto that area.  BAM out of the blue, officials decided to cancel the game.  My caper…my lean…gone.

This was worse than losing.  I was irate.  I felt robbed.  I needed to make my money back.

Stop right here.  This is where most sports handicappers get into trouble.  We feel robbed when events seemingly transpire against us.  Worse we take it as a loss and personal.  Normally patient people reach the fracture point and go on such a rage tilt to recoup perceived losses.  Immediate gratification bets are placed.

Even if they win, you lose as you lost the will to resist temptation.  It is fine to walk away for a day.  Exercise or plan another lean but do not place another bet for at least a few hours.  The action will still be there and your balance will be returned.

Members of ATB have gone through this and can help you.  Our BLOGS provide the perfect sanctuary to bounce off ideas and vent about these situations.  Membership is free so up your level and join ATB today.  The staff at Americas Bookie will still be there to take your action.  Just keep your balance and increase your chance to profit in the long run.


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