July 13, 2024

Yonkers Raceway: Selections for Tuesday Jan 25th,2022

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Tuesday racing from Yonkers Raceway and we have picks on all 12 races posted below compliments of atbforum.com

All selections have been made prior to any reported scratches on the program.

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Tuesday jan 25th,2022 Picks 

R1- 4-3-7
R2- 1-3-5
R3- 6-4-1
R4- 1-3-2
R5- 4-1-5
R6- 6-4-1
R7- 1-2-5
R8- 2-3-5
R9- 6-1-3
R10- 1-4-5
R11- 1-4-3
R12- 3-1-4

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