August 9, 2022


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Carol Jean Flanagan (purple hat) and Maryrose Behan (blue hat, [email protected]), both of Saratoga, watch race horses in the paddock area of the Saratoga Racetrack August 9, 2014. Also, Tom Manion of Aubrey Texas speaks with Carol and Maryrose. ----------- Jessica Polito, (left), Roxanne Irani, (second from left), Amber Olson (blond woman wearing black hat with holes cut in it [email protected]) and Alex Geldmacher all of NYC stand in the paddock area of Saratoga Racetrack. ---------- (Underexposed image) Katie Held (black dress and woven large hat) of Cambridge MA. [email protected] ----------- Paul McCoy (green polo shirt with diamond print hat), and his wife Lori McCoy (big mesh hat and brown dress) of Albany, NY watch horses in the paddock area of Saratoga Race Track ([email protected]) --------- Theresa Behrendt speaks with friends wearing fancy hats in the paddock area. ([email protected]) -------- Brandon Balan (cigar, [email protected]) of San Francisco counts his winnings at Saratoga Racetrack ---------- Four friends hang out drinking beer at the racetrack. Jameson McFadden (salmon suit jacket, [email protected]) Hardwick Caldwell (with cigar) [email protected] Horatio Bacon ([email protected]) (gold tie) Douglas Arnold (on right) [email protected] ----------- Whitney Douglass watches a race through binoculars. [email protected] _------------ A group of men and women enjoy the races together. Jameson McFadden (salmon suit jacket, [email protected]) Hardwick Caldwell (with cigar) [email protected] Horatio Bacon ([email protected]) (gold tie) Douglas Arnold (on right) [email protected] Katherine Helgerson (center, yellow dress, [email protected]) Juliana Dorna (white lace top, black hair, [email protected]) Carly Potter ( grey dress, [email protected])

Some great betting opportunities tonight at Century Mile Racetrack and Casino where the horse players have been setting record handles the last few weeks

Tonight well known track announcer Shannon Sugar Doyle has provided his top 4 selections for each race.

Make sure you follow Shannon on twitter @SugarDoyle for daily insight on most tracks across NA.

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Sunday, August 30 – Century Mile
Post Time 5:15 (7:15 EST)

R1 – 3571-WINNER $10.60 $3.90 $3.70
R2 – 5642-THIRD $3.80
R5 – 4571-WINNER $4.30 $3.10 $2.30
R6 – 5681-WINNER $3.60 $3.00 $2.10
R7 – 2136-WINNER $3.70 $2.70 $2.10
R8 – 4752-SECOND $2.80 $2.20
R9 –9 6 10 8-OFF THE BOARD
R10 — 12 4 10 1-OFF THE BOARD

Race 2 – PICK 4 – $18 – 5,6 / 1,3,6 / 7 / 4,5,7

RACE 6 – PICK 5 – $36 ticket… 4,6,8 / 2 / 1,2,4,5,7 / 9 / 1,4,10,12

RACE 7 – PICK 4 ($25,000 Guaranteed Pool) – $20 ticket… 2 / 1,2,4,5,7 / 9 / 1,4,10,12

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