January 25, 2022

Saturday Northfield Park Selections w/Shannon “Sugar” Doyle

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Free Horse Racing Picks from Northfield Park Tonight supplied by Shannon “Sugar” Doyle

On race nights “SUGAR” will provide hit top 4 selections in every race and if you have the bankroll to wagr a few of those in Trifectas or Superfectas you might reap a pretty good return.

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Northfield Saturday June 6th “Sugar” Doyles Picks

R1- 3917 FINISH 3-1-9-5
R2- 9237 FINISH 3-9-2
R3-9157 FINISH 1-5-6-2
R4- 5931 FINISH 4-1-9-8
R5- 3412 FINISH 5-3-1-2
R6- 9375 FINISH 9-7-5-3
R7- 1359 FINISH 1-3-5 ICE COLD
R8- 5172. FINISH 1-7-2-5. HUGE SUPER BOX TOP 4
R9- 3164 FINISH 1-6-3-5
R10- 2479 FINISH 4-9-7-2
R11- 2349 FINISH 4-3-9
R12- 3568 FINISH 3-5-4-1
R13- 32965 FINISH 3-2-1-6-4 EXACTA
R14- 2769 FINISH 7-2-4-6
R15- 1495 FINISH 1-5-9-3

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