January 20, 2022

Remember Texas A&M Against Kentucky?

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Anthony Davis Hurt again

Texas A&M and Tennessee gave the college basketball world hope that seemed to be extinguished yesterday.  The highest of fliers might have to be grounded lest he get on the tarmac again too soon.  Finally, Rio was the scene of something that had not happened in twelve years.  All of this for our loyal ATB fans this morning.

Weaker Each Time

Young players can not be trusted to give honest input to the extent of their injuries.  Ones that are on the cusp of superstardom so much more so.  Anthony Davis has been setting the world on fire for the Pelicans.  In a league where quality ballers seem in shorter supply, this man child has rose to the occasion and put the franchise on his back.  He goes full out each game which played no small part in a horrific fall he sustained against the Bulls early this month.  He left the game and did not return.  Remarkably, he got back to the court against the Magic Friday night.  It was a short lived recovery as that same shoulder was shredded again verse the Heat yesterday.  When a person who has a high threshold for pain can not lift his arm, it is time to take the decision on when to return to the court out of his hands.  A strong force of will to convince him to sit with his separated shoulder could drastically improve his future outlook.

Remember Texas A&M?

Back on January Tenth, Kentucky was stretched to two overtimes before finally beating the Aggies.  Even though it did not snap their streak, college basketball had a hope that a blueprint was provided on how to exploit the few weaknesses that Kentucky had.  Even that dream scenario does not hold water anymore as witness of a 110-75 demolition of Auburn.  At 12-15 they are not quality opposition but for a team of such defensive prowess, the offensive firepower has us paused for concern.  Dunks came from everywhere as these young men are not wearing down but getting stronger.  The message that the Vols tried to deliver to the pseudo vulnerability got lost in the mail to Lexington.  ATB is starting to believe that Indiana might no longer be the last undefeated team to end a season.

Let the excuses flow as Rafa lost in a clay semifinal for the first time in 12 years.  Fogini got him 7-5 in the third.  Now a person whose fitness was called into question after injury recovery, he had to essentially play two games on one day.  This should have the effect of lowering the price on the only person who should be the favorite to win the French, Novak.  It is a shame that we have to discount the multiple French Open champion but until Nadal shows that his body has not broken down, then his price as a French Open future should be avoided.  ATB wishes you good fortune on all your wagering today.

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