July 13, 2024

Horse Racing Can Be Fun For The Entire Family.

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It’s crazy but it’s true.
With sporting events back in full swing, the super bowl a week away  and the parade route being planned by Toronto Maple Leaf fans who believe 2021 will be their year,”it  took a pandemic to make people move back to betting on horses.  As of today with racetracks closed in Ontario due to provincial restrictions horse players look south of the board to get their racing “fix” and we can only hope racing returns to our local racetracks sooner rather than later.

Horse Racing

Horse Racing betting handles continue to sore as gambles flock to the huge potential payouts generated from wagers such as the Rainbow 6 at Gulfstream which at times sports crazy carryover pool in excess of the $1 million mark.

Remember that Nebraska track that was handling close to $6,000,000 nightly when they were the only show in town (Fonner Park). Fonner Park could barely take in $100,000 nightly and all of a sudden racing became popular because it was the only show in town. Fonner Park opens in 3 weeks time and we wish them great success with their racing meet.

Remember Fonner and all current tracks in North America can be wagered through online betting portals  such as  HPIBET  across Canada 7 days a week.

Back to racing!

So why do people love the sport of racing while others insist it’s a dying sport and those same people believe sports betting will put an end to horse racing.
Well let me take a stab at this one being that I am a fan of both horse betting and sports betting.
What I find totally different between the 2 is that horse betting gives you that instant “rush”,you get that “high” as I call it as a gambles because as quick as you make a wager,it’s over in under 2 minutes.

Sports betting depending on what sport you are betting on could take hours to cash a bet and that in itself should be a driving force we can use to push racing forward.

Horse racing can be fun for the entire family where as sports betting doesn’t offer the same family friendly atmosphere.

Horse racing at most venues across North America is strictly free to get into and and the entire family can make a day of it picking horses by their names, appearance or the color of the driver or jockey attire.
I bet you can’t have the same family atmosphere when you’re betting on an NBA game,you see my point right?

Horse racing is a $25 billion dollar industry and remains popular all over the world.

Horse racing is still fun if we make it fun.

Most horse racing tracks offer very low wagers on bets ranging from a .10 cent superfecta to $2.00 show bet.

How to bet on Horses

Horse racing takes the country by storm specifically every time that one of the three Triple Crown races comes around. The Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes are the three big time races that make up the Triple Crown. There are multiple different horse races to bet on though, and many different types of bets offered also. Horse betting can be a tough sport to figure out with all of the different combo bets that you can make, but that’s where America’s Bookie’s Horse Betting section comes into play. We are here to help explain more in-depth the different types of horse racing bets, and explain how they work. Let’s get right into it!

Win, Place, or Show Bets

Win, place, and show bets are the most common type of bets that you can make in horse race betting. These bets are placed on one specific horse, and are the simplest bets offered as well. If you bet on a horse to win, it is just as it sounds; that the horse you choose must win the race for you to win your bet. Betting on a horse to place, means that the horse must finish in either first or second for you to win your bet. The ”show” bet, means that you are betting on a horse to finish either first, second, or third. The odds pay out the best for the win bet, in comparison to the place, or show bet. Let’s take a look at an example of each bet.

Betting on Animal Kingdom to Win/Place/Show:

Win: 7/1
Place: 5/1
Show: 3/1

Trifecta and Superfecta Horse Race Bets

A trifecta bet is much tougher than any bet listed above, as you have to choose three horses and their exact order of finish in the top three. Of course placing this type of bet will give out a much better payout if you are able to hit it. A superfecta bet pays out one of the highest odds on the board, as it is one of the toughest bets to hit out of any one out there. In a superfecta, your job is to select which four horses will finish in first, second, third, and fourth place; and also their exact finishing order. So if you choose all four horses but the order is wrong, you will automatically lose your bet, which makes it a very tough bet.

Quinella and Exacta Bets

The idea behind these two types of bets are that you are choosing the top two finishers for a specific race. While quinella and exacta bets are similar, they will offer very different odds for one reason. Quinella bets are where you choose two horses to finish in first and second, but the exact order does not matter. So all you have to do is choose two horses which will finish in the top two places. An exacta bet, is where you are going to choose two horses to finish in the top two as well, but you have to choose the exact order of their finish (hence the name!). The odds on these two bets will be quite a bit different though, as betting on two horses to finish in the top two in any order, is a bit easier than choosing their exact order of finish.


Double bets on horse racing are essentially where you are choosing the winner of one race, and the winner of the race right after it. This bet is most commonly done on either the first two races, or last two races of the day; but of course, can be done at any time. So your bet on a double would sound something like: ”bet $3 on number 5 to win the first race, and number 8 to win the second race. The odds will pay out very well as this is basically like betting on a parlay in most sports. Doubles betting in horse racing is not the most popular type of bet, but is one that can have a very nice payout if you are about to hit it.

Good luck  and see you at the betting windows.


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