January 25, 2022

Yankees vs. Angels Bid Weekend Series – Fighting for the Upper Hand

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The New York Yankees are supposed to be the better team in this matchup and they are supposed to be one of the best teams in baseball. They are not playing bad but they could be playing better. The Angels on the other hand, are playing very well and find themselves one game better in the win column with a 16-9 record and the Yankees with a 15-9 record.

Good baseball teams go on the road and they find ways to win. They play consistent, their pitching holds up and their batting average never takes a beating. All of this combined is not an easy task over the course of 162 games. The MLB season is long, brutal and it takes a toll on even the very best teams.

You Love to Gamble, Why not Become a Bookie?

As of Thursday night, the Yankees had won six in a row and they are hot. Usually the rule of thumb when betting baseball is to bet the hot hand and stick to it until it’s over. As obvious as this may seem, as long as they keep winning there is value. Of course there is but don’t overlook the underdogs. Betting the underdogs in baseball is a proven winner and you must pick your spots. The best example of this is the Dodgers vs. the Marlins game this past Wednesday. The Dodgers came into this game as -360 favorites and there was one reason for this number. Kershaw has been awful. He entered the game with a 1-3 record and Vegas figures he can’t possibly lose another. Wrong, he lost 8-6 and the underdog bettors scored big.


Do not let Vegas dictate your betting habits. Vegas wants you to think a certain way and you can believe that they needed the Dodgers to win on Wednesday. They want you to think that a big number is a sure deal. Those numbers do not always represent reality, learn this and you will start winning baseball. Underdogs win and they win often.

The Difference Between Above Average and Below Average Sportsbooks

The odd makers set lines based on public perception. They set lines based on how the general betting public thinks, they very seldom set lines based on reality. Do your homework, learn about the teams, and know their habits and you will start beating the bookmakers at their own game.

The Yankees have a ton of talent from a hitting and fielding perspective and they are a very good team. The one question mark is their starting rotation. Many think it will absolutely not hold up over the long haul and unfortunately for them, they share a division with the Red Sox. Life may be tougher for the Yankees this season then most folks think.

The Angels are young and full of talent as well and their pitching is solid. They are healthy and hitting the ball very well, this series is a litmus test for who has the goods. Will it be the Yankees or the Angels? Follow this one all weekend and have fun. Check out the latest lines and odds with a great book and hopefully win some money.

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