January 24, 2022

Wisconsin Takes on Maryland in ATB Free Pick of the Night

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NCAA Free Pick Wisconsin at Maryland

Two top teams from the Big Ten square off on Tuesday night.  Wisconsin (25-2) takes on Maryland (22-5) in a matchup that sees a very good home team as a six point dog.  Maryland has many more problems to counter than Wisconsin in this one.  Can the Terps turn the tables and get the ML win, AST win, or just outright blow them both?  Follow ATB to find out what must they do to get the ATS tonight.

Turning Tricks With Tempo

Two school of thought are in play trying to defend Wisconsin’s Kaminsky.  One is to just let him reign terror.  Single cover him, eat the points he will score, and play at the faster pace that Maryland wants.  Theory is to outscore the player of the year candidate because they can not defend him anyways.  Why just give up?

  • Big man on him and he goes to the perimeter for easy shots.
  • Agile yet smaller cover gets you consumed in the post.
  • Both of these options entail slowing the game down and hamstringing the best part of the Terps’ game.

Oh by the way, if you manage to stifle Kaminsky then you Sam Dekker to contend with.

Poor Starts

A weakness for Maryland is what happens when they are not proficient putting up points early.  Events tend to spiral out of control for them.  The energy seems to sap from them as defensive switching is at a standstill.  They have a tendency to fall behind early.  Against a Wisconsin team that ranks highly in team defensive efficiency, a double digit lead is much larger than against the typical opponent.

Which Point Guard Will Prevail?

Just imagine the Badgers when they get Jackson back on Sunday.  That will be the Spartans concern because Maryland gets Koenig.  He does not turn the ball over much and scores double digits.  Trimble of Maryland has the ability to amp up the pressure and force him into wayward moments.  Whomever wins this battle, gets the game ball and probably the ATS win.

Novel approaches will not be used in this one.  Maryland will not let Kaminsky just be but probably should because of tempo issues.  The best way to dictate pace will be against Koenig.  This is the heel of the team even though he has played very well.  He has not faced the pressure he will tonight.  That and the pace allow a multi verse of back door covers.  ATB recommends that Maryland at home with six points in hand is too good.  Good luck in our free pick and we will see you tomorrow here at ATB.

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