January 24, 2022

What Happened To The Raptors? We won a game!

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Like a prized fighter in 2014 crawling back from everything the Bulls could throw at them this years version of “we the north” looking  like  the 2018 Raptors who came back for a narrow 1 point road win while stopping the bleeding of that 3 game losing streak.

So what went wrong during that streak?
It wasn’t for the lack of trying during those 3 games but it just seemed this Toronto team was confident that  injured players were making their first starts in weeks and the team seemed to let down their guard so to speak..

We the Toronto fans always seem to defend our marginal players because we consider them “OURS”.

My person view of this is when your coach can’t make any adjustments and constantly puts out lineups and makes decisions that even a casual fan like you and I question you got to know you have issues. In the next few weeks a few players will be lost to free agency and we will see which of these guys with talent actually remain or vacate to a team that can coach them past the opening round of the playoffs.

Last season if you recall we out-coached  let alone outplayed everyone in the league but were we riding the cot tails of 2 players who are no longer with us? Need I says more.

Tomorrow night marks the return of Kawhi Anthony Leonard to ScotiaBank Arena and I’m sure we have a ring waiting for him,unless you can find it somewhere on Ebay…

Oh the fun of being a Toronto Fan.

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