January 25, 2022

Super Bowl Prop Betting at America’s Bookie – Seahawks and Patriots, Quarter-by-Quarter

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There are so many propositions you can bet for the Super Bowl at America’s Bookie that it is mind-boggling. And as everybody knows, the adjustments that can be made from one possession to the next can have an effect on what happens from that point forward. Both the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks have gotten to this point because they were able to take what they have seen on the field and adjusted their play to gain an advantage.

This can move on a quarter-to-quarter basis. And these teams have each shown a tendency to be better in some quarters than others. Of course, there are propositions for each of the quarters at America’s Bookie, and it certainly deserves examination. We’ll take a look at a few of them, with reference to some of the data that has been gathered over the course of the season.

Here are a couple of the Super Bowl props that have been established at America’s Bookie:

Will the Patriots score a TD in the 3rd quarter?

Yes -160
No +130

Will the Seahawks score a TD in the 3rd quarter?

Yes -115
No -115

Let’s pull up some interesting stats on this one. The Patriots have been one of the NFL’s most productive teams in the third quarter, as they have averaged 7.6 points per game. But that is not even their most productive period, and we will get to that in a moment. The Seahawks, by the numbers anyway, are a team that seems to make pretty good halftime adjustments, as far as dealing with the opponent and their quarterback. As far as third quarter defense is concerned, Seattle is not only the best in the league, they are the best by a rather sizable margin.

Seattle has allowed an average of just 2.4 points in the third period, and that is exactly .9 points ahead of the next team in line (Cleveland). Within this context, that’s a lot. In this category, New England is in the middle of the pack (15th). It’s just that Seattle’s offense is not exactly super-charged, for the purposes of this discussion. They have managed just 4.9 third quarter points per game, which is also 15th. So we may not favor either of these teams to score a touchdown in quarter #3, at least at the prices that appear.

New England’s second quarter points have been very noteworthy; in fact, they are the league leaders at 10.7 points per game. That perhaps makes their numbers in this America’s Bookie prop a little more inviting:

Will the Patriots score a touchdown in the 2nd quarter?

Yes -170
No +140

Many good teams will “own” the fourth quarter, and these two are no exception. The Pats and Seahawks are the second and fourth ranked teams in the NFL, respectively, in terms of fourth quarter points allowed. But offensively, the 4th period is easily the most productive for Seattle, as they rank fourth in the league with 8.6 points per game. They are also first in the NFL by a considerable margin in second half defense. And when they had to make up for a lot of Russell Wilson’s sloppy play in the NFC title game, they were able to hold the Green Bay Packers to just a pair of field goals in the second half.

Both of these teams are -160 to score a touchdown in the fourth quarter, according to the Super Bowl prop odds that are available at America’s Bookie. Considering that closing strong is critical for both teams, perhaps it’s worth it to lay the price on whichever team you like to score in the final fifteen minutes.

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