January 20, 2022

Super Bowl 50 | Many Ways to Get Involved

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Many ways to get involved with Super Bowl 50

By The Rex Factor

The Super Bowl 50 participants were known after the two conference championship games were contested on Jan. 24, with top seeds Carolina and Denver emerging to advance to the biggest game of the year.

It’s a difficult game to handicap, with the Panthers currently laying as many 6 points at Bet33.com, with lines elsewhere in the minus-5.5 range. The good news is that in this game, you don’t have to be involved with the side or total to have action. There are proposition bets everywhere!

There are spates of team props that will only grow as we get closer to kickoff. The usual team props are all there (team to score first/last, the double result, when the time of the first score will come, the first touchdown being a pass or any other type of score) and there are so many of them that it’s literally overwhelming the first time you check out the betting menu.

Cam Newton is widely expected to win league MVP honors for his efforts in leading the Panthers to a 15-1 record this season. There are a dizzying array of props involving him and fellow quarterback Peyton Manning, who has piloted the Broncos a bit more adroitly since coming back from an injury in early January.

Another interesting prop is whether any specific skill player on offense will score at least one touchdown in a game. I personally think Newton is a cinch to either score on a quarterback sneak or some other sort of designed run (or a bootleg where he decides to keep the ball). Newton is only a slight favorite to score at least one touchdown (passing doesn’t count, but at minus-120, he is the most likely to score of any player in the game).

You can also bet a prop that involves particular individuals to get to and/or over certain milestone yardage marks in the game. If you think Newton is going to have great success running the ball, then you can bet he goes over 50 rushing yards (only plus-125 there), over 75 rushing yards (a more robust plus-550 for that) or over 100 rushing yards (plus-1550 for that one and a very attractive option). There will be at least 16 players featured in these “special player props” and they will have been up for over a week by kickoff on Feb. 7!
The Rex Factor knows that football playoff time is the best time of the year to be a bettor and a bookmaker alike. He’s been following the BCS and the NFL Playoffs since the 1990s.

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