September 29, 2022

Sun Feb 14|Northfield Park w/Shannon “Sugar” Doyle

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With Western Fair going dark  – we’re back with picks for Northfield Park – my fave ‘south of the border’ half-miler!

All selections have been made prior to any reported scratches on the program.

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Western Fair OPENING SOON!

*Sweet Pick… Race 4 – 3 SILVER SPIR @ 9/2… Almost reached up last time at a big price – worth a serious look here! SECOND $4.90 $3.30

R1 1254THIRD $3.70 /BOX TOP 3 EX PAYS $18.30/ TRI PAYS $78.110/ SUPER PAYS $105.75
R2 3214-SECOND $3.60 $2.40
R3 4269-WINNER $5.00 $3.00 $2.30/BOX TOP 3 TRI PAYS $46.40
R4 3496-SECOND $4.90 $3.30/BOX TOP 2 EX PAYS $44.40
R5 1249-WINNER $5.10 $3.80 $2.70
R7 1465-SECOND $3.10 $2.20 BOX TOP 2 EX PAYS $8.50
R9 7415-WINNER $17.50 $5.60 $4.30 BOX TOP 3 EX PAYS $63.60
R10 5234-SECOND $4.00 $2.90 BOX TOP 3 EX PAYS $24.70/ TRI PAYS $151.30
R11 5142-WINNER $6.00 $4.50 $3.10/ BOX TOP 3 EX PAYS $96.30
R12 6845-WINNER $5.40 $4.10 $3.10
R13 51274-WINNER $4.00 $3.20 $2.60
R14 6598-WINNER $3.10 $2.60 $2.10
R15 1546-WINNER $2.20 $2.10 $2.10 EX ICE COLD $6.70

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