May 26, 2022

Rosecroft |ROD’s Contenders Sunday Feb 14th

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Rod Allums Jr of has provided his selections for the Sunday program and Rosecroft.

First race post is 7:15 p.m and we have your selections listed below.

All selections have been made prior to any reported scratches on the program.

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Rod’s Contenders: 02/14 FOLLOW Rod ON TWITTER AT @jrallums

Race 1
3) stung hard last week. Better spot tonight- THIRD $2.10
6) always in the mix and will be close enough
7) will follow live cover again. Needs more late

2) has some issues but like 2nd time back with speed
9) very obvious but no value from out here- SECOND $2.60 $2.40
8) brings value with decent form. Needs a setup

3) can easily repeat off of that huge win last time-WINNER $3.70 $2.60 $2.30
5) fairly consistent check getter. Same spot- SECOND $2.80 $2.30
7) pops big miles at times. I’ll throw in just in case

1) makes sense with fair value. Give the slight edge- THIRD $3.70
6) much softer spot here. Tough to overlook- WINNER $6.60 $2.60 $2.10
2) Exotics player with early speed. Just ok for me- SECOND $2.80 $2.20

4) the Q was impressive. Can he keep his mind straight? WINNER $18.00 $8.70 $5.20
7) must use but is 1 for 27 lifetime SECOND $2.40 $2.70
1) exotics player at a price looking for a setup

1) the class drop is key and this is a win only spot-WINNER $21.10 $5.50 $4.30
3) 2nd back off the shelf for a hot barn. Using
6) should follow cover and only looks good for minors

3) huge finish last week. Expect a big mile here- OFF THE BOARD
1) racing well of late. Another player from a good post
2) just missed in his latest. A trip up close is likely

Race 8
8) likes to win so he gets the edge
5) hates to win so he drops a spot-SECOND $2.10 $2.10
1) should fire again and look to grab a pocket ride-THIRD $3.30

8) tough to go against after an impressive win-WINNER $4.00 $2.90 $2.50
9) makes sense but the post really hurts
3) gets a driver change and has value. I’ll use in pickers-THIRD $6.40

9) got buried inside last time. Not happening again
2) always close and will be bet again-THIRD $2.80
1) bravened up after last time. Use for some value

3) had no reason to be 3rd last week. Best bet-WINNER $3.90 $3.10 $2.70
1) looks solid on the class drop. Inside post helps THIRD $4.90
2) brutalized last week. An inside trip keeps him close- SECOND $25.10 $9.50

2) big favorite that I can’t go against-WINNER $4.40 $2.10 $2.20
4) tough mile last time. New barn won’t hurt him-SECOND $2.80 $2.50
3) fits well if he’s driven correctly

2) right there every week. Keep using-SECOND $3.80 $3.30
7) will improve 2nd time out. Setup looks juicy
6) dangerous with a trip. Tough race here

Race 14
6) love the form. He gets the nod once again-THIRD $2.60
9) loves the lead and goes back to Milby
8) driver change but will need fast fractions to chase

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