January 27, 2022

Readying the Bonfire For the Silicon Beast

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When I learned better, I put away childish things.  This piece of time honored wisdom displays a necessity in life.  As we change and evolve, the items that we once embraced as the next wave were quickly swept back with the tide.  A thirty day project is one thing but at what point do we stop pouring good money into bad while we handicap.  Today, we will discuss a stop-gap and what level it is for the Silicon Beast.  Join us ATB as the bonfire is set and the villagers are making the torches.  Can the Silicon Beast survive or are is it doomed for a burial today on ATB?

Call The Cleaner

  • 5-8-1 -$380 = -3.80 units

Colorado State got buried in the dust of Wyoming.  The Cowboys were cruel hosts as this game saw CSU only get fifteen points in the entire first half.  We wrote yesterday about value being a fade and the Beast must have read the article LOL.  It has mired in a losing streak.  If we alter the basic code then it is a different entity and would not satisfy the project.  There is room for a comeback and even the best go through these spells.  Staying the course should be done but only if you are still applying a rule of bankroll management called a stop gap.


Best Known in Poker

The art of the spew occurs when a person is so frustrated that common sense is thrown out the window in a rush to recoup loses.  Leans and chases are two such instances of this in sports wagering.  Another that was made famous in poker is the stop gap.  Even though you still have money, if you lose so much in one session or project that you walk away once that amount is reached.  Conservative in nature, it has allowed many to fight another day instead of going bankrupt.  While minus twenty units will not break your author, it is well beyond what we wish to sink into trying different theories.  While having faith in the app, the picks do not come directly from our mind.  A limit of trust we put on that.  To quantify an amount, – 5.00 or more is the line where we will no longer be wagering any more money in this project.  If we dip below it, then we will still provide the picks as fade value but we will denote that real money is no longer being tossed into the inferno.

The Silicon Beast Selection for today is another road favorite.  BYU – 3 at Pepperdine is the selection.  There is little to say at this point.  A loss right now and we will be against the wall.  Good fortune to us ATB and let us hope that we do not have to enforce the stop gap for this project.  So while we are readying the bonfire, we encourage you to keep the torches at bay on this day.

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