August 9, 2022

NCAA Men’s Basketball Boosters

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Wisconsin Basketball NCAA Tourney

Carefully crafted teams against the mercenary movement is going to play a prominent role in this year’s NCAA Basketball tournament.  We are all familiar with the titans that retool at every turn. Kansas, Duke, and Kentucky gain premier recruiting classes as the previous one and dones “graduate” to the NBA.  Fear not ATB for we have compelling teams that not only counter this notion but we can embrace and rail for profit during the waning games of the NCAA season.  This week we shall examine those that have the talent and the teamwork to overcome the NBA factories at the collegiate level.

Kaminsky Getting Help

Look no further than the #5 Wisconsin Badgers (23-2) for a team that has grown up together, have a national player of the year candidate, and can win in a variety of ways.  For example, their game yesterday against Illinois is a prime example of how good this squad is.  The Badgers were facing a team coming off of four straight wins and were hitting their shots early.  No panic was present for Wisconsin.  Kaminsky poured it on early going eight of nine for seventeen points.  When his production fell off in the second half, Koenig and Dekker took over.  Heck when Nigel Hayes contributes with timely buckets, this team will not lack or offensive output when the big man needs to take a rest.

Flip Side

This team has the weakness that NBA factories do not.  Depth is an issue.  Bench play is not needed for most of their Big Ten run.  Backcourt play pales in comparison to their stellar front court play in terms of offense.  The guards do their best to take away the three point shots.  In the tournament, they will not get blown out as their front court will keep them close.  However a team with depth can keep on hammering them on the inside to get the big guys to the bench with fouls.

Wisconsin used to be that team you dread to rail and watch for lackluster point production.  Games in the fifties were the norm.  Now with such a front court prowess, the team suffers from an identity crisis.  More touches will get them better chances to score but the up ad down nature of that pace could tire them out and expose their thin bench.  Smaller teams that can rebound well and push the ball will be their kryptonite.  Keep this in mind when wagering on or against them for the remainder of the season.  Good fortune and we will examine another team and have a free pick tomorrow.

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