September 28, 2022

Money Management Approaching NFL Playoffs & SuperBowl

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Hard work and a little bit of luck have our bankrolls reflecting the increase in our handicapping skills.  Now with the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl approaching, fans have a game that is virtually even in the eyes of the linesmakes.  With a universe of prop wagers, a significant portion of your online bank could be in action.  Now is the time for those who exclusively wager on football to take decisive action.  What plan does ATB recommend so that you can reap the harvest of the NFL Playofffs and be at the front of the line for your payouts?

 Location is the Key

Much like real estate, location is the critical choice when one ventures into sports handicapping.  First and foremost, you want an established company.  A firm foundation means a site that has a continual presence not only on the Internet but in the sports handicapping forums.  Second is a company that treats their withdrawals with the same level of customer care as their deposits.  The business model should reflect this as the best form of advertising is a happy customer with money in their hand within a few days.  Finally, the wagering selection should be easy to decipher, varying in the sports they offer, and have other forms of entertainment wagering like a casino and a racebook.  All of this is found under one roof at America’s Bookie.


Front of the Line

So what does ATB recommend for their loyal readers?  Even if you are not heavily vested in America’s Bookie, we recommend a withdrawal to not only test the waters but to allow you to enjoy some of your gotten gains.

The Internet sports wagering industry is reflective of any business you might have in your neighborhood.  Some enjoy stellar reputations while others are more hit and miss when it comes to your satisfaction.  Not all the sportsbooks are forward thinking nor in it for the long haul.  By requesting the amount that is not going to be in play for the Super Bowl, you will get the most accurate gauge of the type of company you are doing business with.  Those with the long haul in mind cherish the testimony of content customers waving our cash to their friends.

So do the simple math and determine what is in play.  This will be one of the more competitive Championship games in recent memory.  Believe me in saying that angles are there to pounce on.  From the tame to the wild and wacky, the props that you can bet on will bring you a laugh and hopefully some profit to boot.  Now is the time to revel.  For football fans, make a small withdrawal to get to the front of the line and put the rest into action.

This weeks slate of games will hopefully be both worthwhile and profitable for us all.

Good luck Sunday

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