June 28, 2022

MIKE’S CONTENDERS Woodbine-Mohawk Park Racing Analysis Saturday Feb 5th,2022

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A 11 race program on tap at Woodbine-Mohawk Park for Saturday and Mike Pribozie of Nahupicks.com has provided his Racing Analysis for each race.

This evenings selections are now posted and all picks have been made prior to any post time changes.

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(6) A Boy Named Suuzz didn’t get his trip in latest but stands to get a setup now. (5) Royal Renegade outraced odds 1/29 and could be coming around for Cullen. (4) Lovemyrockinbird steps up off Marfisi claim switches to Mcnair and has a post edge over main rivals. (8) OutKast Blue Chip just went 54/3 at London. I’m expecting a big speed try back to big track. 


(2) Wheels on Fire has three straight at the level and is just better than these right now. (5) Uhtred has been solid vs these in his last four. Gets regular driver back and could go back to off the pace. (6) Poseidon Seelster adds lasix again. Has the speed and class but needs to get back on track. (4) Jimmy Freight is getting shares at this level but isn’t all the way back. 


(2) Powerful Spirit gets back to a better level third back from a layoff. 11/15 and 11/22 lines show speed. (6) Spun From Magic had an excuse in last gets McNair and could blast now. (7) Harry busted in last but lacked room. He needs things to go his way but isn’t out of this. (4) Hone the Tone couldn’t catch ‘Patrick last two. Sits and rallies.


(5) Real Willy draws better and gets McNair back. Last two he outraced odds. Speed try could come now. (2) Sometime Somewhere has been right there last two. He likes to win, likely chalk. (3) East End could wake up at any time. Back class, parked every step in last. Barn just needs to figure him out. (10) Rays Kredit wasn’t winning last vs dropper. Sits and rolls late at a big price. 


(10) Forefather was beating better not long ago with big speed. Huge drop, ok Q and McNair to fire him up early. (8) Outlaw Aceofspades kicked home in last but had too much to do. Likely needs a setup but his best puts him on the wire. (2) HP Napoleon drops, draws well and should be closer early. (6) Major Custard drops, should pick up pieces late. Share type doesn’t win much. 


(3) Night Watchman had the worst of it in last weeks version of this race. Better trip wins this. (4) Champagne Phil is a classy thing isn’t he? Last was out of character rally from last. He’s usually close early. (5) Intrigued Again was better last two just needs to finish. (2) Arukidinme Cabbie faltered on the front in latest but he’s on the board vs these almost every week.


(10) On The Ropes was aggressive 1/3 when outside posted vs better ones. McNair blast looms and this is a better spot. (8) What a Rush is very hit and Miss but was sneaky good in last. Price look if race collapses late. (1) HP Royal Theo drops after speed try. Usually better from off the pace. (3) Kameran Hanover is still getting back to himself since return. Using. 


(5) Wind Blown has missed a week now gets a cushy spot. Speed coming? (3) JM Jack of Hearts lost to two well meant winners last two. Style lends itself to shares. (7) Beachin Lindy won well 1/15 then was in too tough. (4) Nickle Bag has been ok since return. Hard to miss that 1.2 million in earnings. 


(4) Hesincontrol finally gets a driver switch. Watch the price free fall. (1) Long Weekend was aggressively driven in last but overrun late by (6) Rock N Zeus. That one has found something in the past month. Doubling lifetime win totals. (5) Dr Joe is very similar in that he knows how to win now too. Miracles happen every day. 


Race 10

(2) Commanding Officer has six straight and not even post ten could stop him. (1) Woodmere Stealdeal drops from top class and likely gets a better trip now. (7) Beyond Better got a confidence boost in latest now steps back up. (4) Priceless Beach is a closer that could get ignored on the board here. He’s keeping good company.

Race 11

(4) Texas Miki gets away from series types and was winning at this level. (1) Sports Report also gets out of that series and draws much better. (10) Peter Poole was aggressively driven in last but couldn’t hang late. Tactics now will be interesting. (3) Premier Nacho raced even again in latest. He should grab another share. (6) Hippyjohn switches to Mcclure, could sit and fire late.

Pick 5

456/2/2467/23510/2810 $28.80

Pick 4

23510/2810/3/1310 $36 for $1

Late Pick 5

3/1310/5/4/2 $3 for $1

Late Pick 4

5/4/2/14610 $4 for $1 

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