September 29, 2022

MIKE’S CONTENDERS Woodbine-Mohawk Park Racing Analysis Saturday April 16th

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A 10 race program on tap at Woodbine-Mohawk Park for Friday and Mike Pribozie of has provided his Racing Analysis for each race.

This evenings selections are now posted and all picks have been made prior to any post time changes.

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Woodbine-Mohawk Park – Saturday, April `16th,2022


I liked (4) Yacht Seelster in last but he was too far back vs sharp foes. McNair now And speed coming. (8) Ideal Jet just won from the nine post at Flam at big odds. He is quick and capable of he’s going the right way. (1) Crosscut draws much better after limited rallies. He won six last year. (6) He’s Got Swagger went fast at London 4/5 then was in too tough 4/9 here. 


(4) Bolt Power gets JMac now after near miss vs (2) It’s in The Stars. That one had a perfect trip in latest. Those two to the wire now. (3) Bettorbeflyin was well meant in last and first up. Faltered late but he fits vs these. (5) PL Octavius just won off the bench with 27/1 kick. He’s improved and could be a price with these types. 


(3) Century Heineken busted early then flew late 4/9. He has big speed when he behaves. (1) Jimmy Connor B was in tougher on return but first up wasn’t it. Needs more vs choice. I liked (8) Southbeach Hanover in last but winner had flown. Not quite what he was in March. (2) No Free Lunch returns from series to teach he’s won over. JMac lands here


(1) Day Delight was well driven winner vs these 4/9. Should get a similar trip. (3) Harry G got a setup in last and took advantage. Speed to chase again. (5) River Dali adds lasix and JMac. Speed coming can he hold late? (7) Choreographer draws better after poor effort. He’s bounced back before but needs a trip. 


(3) East End will take some beating dropping and moving inside. Barn a bit cold at the moment. (6) Dontpokethedragon drops and needs a wake up. Won twelve races last year and this is best chance so far. (5) Captain Video has been kicking late for checks. He wakes up occasionally and passes them all. (9) Sometime Somewhere had nothing in last two. Prior lines are sharp at upper levels. 


(4) Sports Advisor won three races at two. Was sharp in October in Harvest series. Q says he’s ready to roll. (7) Twin B Heart Throb was in Golds at three in fast races. May need a race, could come from the back. (2) Odds on Caramel lacked room 4/9 and still got a check. Should be up close again. (9) Dr Joe has been empty late recently. Needs a wake up. 


(7) Stonebridge Rex was bet to 3-1 vs Linedrive in latest and was sharp. (2) Cold Creek Cabo drops to better level after likely needing last race. (1) Wind Blown draws better and gets a slight dip in class. I’m expecting speed. (3) Undrthsouthrnsun doesn’t win much but certainly shares vs tough ones. 


(5) PL Ozzy needed last and produced fast miles last year. (4) Century Fury has been roughed up recently. No wins this year but should be up front in this race. (2) Rockme Rollme is the other dropper here. I think he can sit and rally now. (1) Chiefs Beach was sharp vs bottoms off the bench while favored. McNair now will get him rolling. 


(6) Jimmy Freight keeps winning while not favored. Shorter fields help him. (5) Wheels on Fire is right there every week making $$$. Can win but has only once in past five. (4) Revolt was very good in March getting to the top level. Needs more of that 25 type late kick. (1) Sintra returns with his class and speed. Nine years old now could need one. 


(4) Champagne Phil was bet in latest and blasted early. Has excelled from off the pace this year. (8) Grand Poobah fits better vs these types. 4/2 line sticks out. (2) Let’s Get Picked got an easier trip 4/9 and converted. He can win from off it also. (7) Brave World has been much better since JMac has started driving. Took $ in latest and was decent. (9) Respect Our Flag drops, will be hidden here and rally at a big price.

1368/2345/13/15/359 $38.40

Pick 4
15/359/47/27 $24 for $1

Late Pick 5
47/27/1245/56/2489 $25.60

Late Pick 4
27/1245/56/2489 $64 for $1

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