September 28, 2022

Keep Momentum Rolling With NFL Schedule Week Eleven

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Savvy NFL handicappers look to keep their momentum going headed into the NFL Schedule Week eleven.  Last week, both the sharps and public benefited from an obvious but previously under used theory.  Now that we have feasted last Sunday, October will be the desert to our hard earned profits.  So let us avail ourselves of all the tools present at NFL Schedule Week Four to transition our superior football knowledge into cold hard cash.

NFL Schedule Recap

Using the tools from NFL Schedule, week three had a theme to hammer home.  What is the value of the second string quarterback and how hard should we hammer on the opposition?  The 1PM games proved to be a gold mine as the entire world seemed to leap on the Browns laying (-3.5) or (-4) at home and if not for Nick Chubb stepping out of bounds on a easy TD run with nobody around him the public cashes easy to kick off the afternoon.End result Browns win by 3 and fail to cover.

More of the Same on Schedule?

Rapid fire movement and analysis are obvious to anyone who opened up NFL Schedule Week Four.  Those that immediately realized that the Ravens were at the Steelers concluded that this was a good spot for Baltimore.  The Cardinals off a huge emotional win at home on the last play of the game a la hail mary style and take on the Seahawks on the Thursday night-er
Arizona SERIES: 4-1-1 L6… 5-0-2 vs div rev… 4-1 1st of BB RG
SEATTLE 7-1-2 Thursdays… 6-1-1 aft Rams… 1-4 L5 div HG

Without the key ordering of NFL Schedule Week 11, one might have wasted valuable time in capping the Detroit  and Carolina game as a stateside affair.   Going over the full slate of games, can you come up with the next profitable angle for NFL betting on November 20?  Utilize the scores/odds section in conjunction with the NFL News tab to form a foundation of knowledge to crack the NFL this week at America’s Bookie.  Good fortune in your sports investment and turn to NFL Schedule Week 11 for that invaluable aid that should be bookmarked to your browser.

Sunday, November 22
Philadelphia 3-0 vs non-div off BB div gms… 7-3 non-div dogs 4 < pts
CLEVELAND SERIES: Host 4-0… 3-0 aft Hou… 2-5 as non-conf HF’s

Atlanta 5-1 L6 div RG… 4-1 away aft Bye… 1-5 bef Las Vegas
NEW ORLEANS SERIES: 4-1 L5… 6-1 vs opp off Bye… 1-6 aft SF

Detroit 4-1 away vs NFC South … 4-1 bef non-conf HG
CAROLINA 5-2 non-div HF’s < 6 pts… 0-3 vs NFC North

New England 4-1 bef non-conf HG… 1-4 non-div RF/RD 3 < pts
HOUSTON SERIES: Host 3-1… 7-2 home vs AFC East… 1-3 Game 10

Pittsburgh 5-0-1 aft div HG… 3-1-1 aft Cin… 3-1-1 Game 10
JACKSONVILLE SERIES: 7-2-1 L10… 7-1-2 vs AFC-N… 3-11 as HD’s 6 > pts

Cincinnati SERIES: 3-1 L4… 7-1 in 2nd of BB RG… 1-4 aft Pit
WASHINGTON 3-0 aft Det…. 5-1 bef Dal… 1-4 L5 non-conf HG

Tennessee 3-0 aft Thur gm… 4-1 off DD home loss… 1-4 aft div HG
BALTIMORE 4-0 vs opp off Thur gm… 4-0 vs AFC South… 8-1 bef div RG

Miami SERIES: 8-1 L9… 8-1 bef Jets… 1-4 as non-div RF’s < 7 pts
DENVER 6-1 as non-div HD’s… 4-1 aft div RG… 1-4 aft Raiders

NY Jets SERIES: 6-3-1 L10… 0-9 away vs AFC West… 0-3 aft Bye
LA CHARGERS 4-1 bef Buf… 0-10 vs opp off Bye… 1-4 as HF’s 6 > pts

Green Bay 4-1 as non-conf RF’s… 7-2 vs op off Thur gm… 4-1 aft Jack
INDIANAPOLIS SERIES: 8-2 L10… 7-1 L8 non-conf HG… 4-1 aft div road win

Dallas 4-1 aft Bye… 4-1 vs opp off Mon gm… 1-5 vs NFC North
MINNESOTA SERIES: 10-1 L11… 9-1 Gm 8 > vs .300 < opp… 8-1 aft Chi

Kansas City SERIES: 3-1 L4… 4-1 in 1st of BB RG… 12-3 L15 div RG’s
LAS VEGAS 8-3 in 2nd of BB div gms… 1-4 as HD’s 3 > pts

Monday, November 23
LA Rams SERIES: 6-1 L7… 4-1 vs NFC South… 3-8 Mondays
TAMPA BAY 9-4 Monday HG… 1-4 aft Car… 3-9 home vs NFC West

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