September 28, 2022

Johnny Rehab Seeks to Better his Life

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Johnny Rehab


Artificial entities are not influenced by the losing streaks that they go through.  What could deter you and I does not begin to phase the Silicon Beast.  There is a lot of good in that and some peril.  Danger comes in the form of zero recognition that the algorithms might need to be tinkered with.  However in the thirty day project, players and team stats are updated but nothing else is changed.  Like it or not, we have drawn that line in the sand and will be unbending.  This speech belays the point that this is the first that a long cold snap has hindered our bankroll.  So what are we down, will this pick help us pick up the slack, and what else is on the horizon for ATB today.

Privacy for the Most Public of Figures?

Win a Heisman Trophy and the world will know whom you are.  Add to the mix equal parts buxom babes and the party scene so that now we have the man called Johnny Football.  Every move of his has been documented.  He himself has drawn even more attention with his antics.  Now that he has seen on the field action and has been less than stellar, he realizes his talent will not be enough.  To get down to hard work, he must first clean house.  He is doing the admirable step with entering rehab.  The only part that grates is that now he asks that the curtain be drawn on his life.  Essential for healing but downright dull because whom does not like hearing Manziel stories while drinking a cold one at the bar.  Good fortune Johnny Rehab!

Speaking of Going to Work

Johnny Rehab

  • 5-6-1 -$160 = -1.50 Units

Instead of rehab, the term overhaul comes to mind.  No one likes giving away hard earned units to a project but we have faith in the long term.  No tinkering for us as we fire up the Silicon Beast.  The answer it gave today went with a road team who it feels should be the favorite.  North Carolina State is currently a Pickem at Wake Forest.  Our app likes the Wolfpack by a much larger margin than this.  So your official Silicon Beast Free Pick of the day is North Carolin State Pickem at Wake this evening.

Have to feel for Jamie Shields this morning.  He is one of the more consistent free agents to hit the market this year.  With five years in the hundred million dollar range, what he was asking was not out of the ball park.  Alas when Lester and Max signed their deals, most of the pool that is left is not that deep.  Look for him to either get less years or take a ding to around $14M a year for that five year deal he likes.  He will find a home but maybe not in the tax bracket he wanted to be in.  Take care ATB and we will talk to you again tomorrow.



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