January 24, 2022

How to Handle a Mixed Bag?

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Mixed Bag

Waking up in the morning to a mixed bag can color your day in many different tones or lights.  Some of our wagers won while more lost.  How one takes this can color your world heading to the Super Bowl this Sunday?  We will look at how ATB did in both our Aussie Open picks as well as if the Silicon Beast came through once again.  Remember that those who practice good bankroll management can survive days like we had yesterday.

Silicon Beast More Than A Tad Off

When your logic meshes with an artificial entity that is up units, your day seems to glide by with few cares in the world.  The machine liked Central Michigan as did I.  In a battle of mid level talent, great offenses can usually overcome stone wall defenses.  To throw into the mix that we got + 3 1/2 on the Chipps and we felt well.  Wake up to see that not only did they not cover but the team only scored 53.  The same amount of money was lost but to have your philosophy on the game be so off stings more than mere dollar and cents.

Fading Williams Sister Semi-Final Worked

Our Cibulkova future went down in flames as she got crushed by Serena.  The +415 for one unit also went down on the match.  However, Madison Keys came through at +125 to get us a small profit from last night’s tennis action.  Novak absolutely dismantled Raonic after winning a first set tiebreaker.  The straight set walk now gives him Wawrinka as he cruised by Kei.  This semi looks to be for the championship as Andy appears to be at a level way under these two men.

Another Road Favorite for the Silicon Beast


  • 4-2 +$180= +1.8o Units

As confident as I was in CMU is as nervous for this selection.  The app likes Northern Iowa -7 tonight at Southern Illinois.  I can see why the linesmakers would downgrade the road team in this one.  Silicon says that it should not matter and that this spread is easily coverable.  In chips we trust as Northern Iown -7 is the Silicon Beast Selection for the day.

Keep your head up and take some time off today.  With a project like this, we attempt to get a selection with little work that is profitable in the long run.  Thirty days will tell us if we are able to do this but through six days, we have something to show for it’s efforts.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow at ATB

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