Live racing returns to Clinton Raceway this holiday" />

January 24, 2022

CLINTON RACEWAY|Sunday August 2nd Guest Handicapper Shannon “Sugar” Doyle

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Live racing returns to Clinton Raceway this holiday weekend Sunday August 2nd with first race post time set for 1:30pm

Gust handicapper Shannon “Sugar” Doyle has been kind enough to provide the selections you will see tomorrow on the telecast from Clinton Raceway.

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Race 1 – PICK 4 (Guaranteed Pool) $24 @ 20-CENTS

R1 – 23567
R2 – 28
R3 – 24
R4 – 124578

R1 6235
R2 2856
R3 2436
R4 2185
R5 1268
R6 5812
R7 1234
R8 6347
R9 1234
R10 6538
R11 3671

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