September 28, 2022

What is Game Advisers? How can you benefit from this system.

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How Our Advice System Works?

We are privileged to have access to data, picks, and predictions that others simply don’t have. This allows our algorithms to be smarter and sharper than any other system on the planet. Let’s look at the inputs that make up our Advice System.


    Our sponsor provides us with exclusive real betting picks from actual sharp players across the globe. These players make up the 1% of sharp money bets you hear about. We have access to this feed and use their picks to help generate our advice.


    Our team gathers betting picks from other professional handicappers across the internet.


    Our internal team is made up of experts in each of the core sports we support. Our experts spend hours analyzing and capping games, then providing us with their picks & predictions on games.


    We have access to data from both and Gracenote. This data includes player stats, team stats, betting trends, line movements and more.

Imagine taking all four of these inputs above and creating the VERY BEST betting advice. Well, that is exactly what we have done with GameAdvisers 2.0! It’s truly revolutionary and amazing.

GA 2.0 Results Already

We have spent months and months perfecting this Advice System. And guess what? We are already seeing huge results. As you can see from the screen shot below — yesterday alone the Advice System went 12-8 for a nice ROI to end users.

On our Advice System page we list out all of the results for each spot and each pick — every single day. We aren’t like other services who hide behind a curtain with their results. We are honest, up front, and proud of the results GA 2.0 will provide.

Will it be perfect? Of course not! But if you take our Advice and grind out winners day in and day out — you will see a nice ROI at the end of each month, season and year.

See more results here

How Do I Start Using It?

This is the easy part! You already have an account. You already have access to this revolutionary betting tool. Simply login to your Game Advisers account today and start enjoying the Advice System and other tools found in your account.

This service will continue to be free to you for the next week or so. On January 29th, you will simply need to pay a small monthly membership fee to continue using and receiving the Advice Picks.

And by small, I mean small! We are talking less than $1 a day to get thousands of dollars of value. For the price of going out to dinner once — you can provide food to feed an army with the money returned from betting on our Advice System Picks.

But for now, login and enjoy GA 2.0 ABSOLUTELY FREE!

NFL Divisional Championship

Today is a perfect day to check out our Advice System as the NFL Divisional Championship games are set to take place later on.

Login to your account and check out all of the handicapper picks, data on the games, and most of all ADVICE SYSTEM PICKS for these two NFL games and more.

One thing to also keep in mind. Game Advisers is a living, growing, machine that will continue to get better over time. The more data we get — the better and more accurate our Advice System will become.

If you have any questions, notice any “bugs” or have any suggestions for improvements — don’t hesitate to let us know. This is YOUR SERVICE and it’s our only goal to help YOU MAKE MONEY and CRUSH THE BOOKS!

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