We are back at it on Friday at Northfield Park &am" />

January 24, 2022

Fri-Aug 14th Northfield Park Picks W/Shannon “Sugar Doyle

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We are back at it on Friday at Northfield Park & Shannon Sugar Doyle is in to go with his selections
This evening we have 16 races on tap and plenty great wagering opportunities for you the player

All selections have been made prior to any reported scratches on the program.

Tonight’s picks are sponsored by Ongait.

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Follow Shannon Sugar Doyle on twitter @SugarDoyle

Northfield FRI

R1 5123
R2 7642
R3 2137
R4 5639
R5 4569
R6 7426
R7 4136
R8 7914
R9 4671
R10 8561
R11 1953
R12 2495
R13 31964
R14 6315
R15 1695
R16 6415

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