September 28, 2022


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Today’s Freehold Raceway Picks are posted below for Friday Jan 8th with a 12 race program which begins at 12:30pm.

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All selections have been made prior to any race day scratches.

Friday Picks

R-1 5-Mi Nina Bonita-SECOND $2.40 $2.10
R-2 3-Hurrikane Lori Ann-SECOND $3.60 $2.40
R-3 2-Freddie Mac-SECOND $2.50 $3.20
R-4 2-Princess Sharktank-SECOND $3.00 $2.80
R-5 8- Cash for Gold-OFF THE BOARD
R-6 2- Wishy Washy Girl-WINNER $2.30 $2.20 $2.10
R-7 7- Obrigado-WINNER $2.60 $2.20 $2.10
R-8 1- Motu Moonbeam N-OFF THE BOARD
R-9 3- Mugshot Jess- SECOND $2.30 $2.30
R-10 5- Ap Emily’s Dance-OFF THE BOARD
R-11 5- Beaver Creek Misty-OFF THE BOARD
R-12 3-Gw Brute Muscle- WINNER $19.80 $4.40 $2.20

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