October 4, 2023

Free Selections|Truro Raceway Sun,August 27th,2023

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TRURO RACEWAY has their largest CARRY-OVER of the season this Sunday, with a PICK 5 CARRY-OVER of $2,482.26… It all begins in Race 1 with Canada’s lowest takeout PICK 5 at just 12%!

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Selections provided by : Shannon Sugar Doyle
TRURO – Sunday, August 27

R1 6834
R2 3452
R3 3456
R4 4362
R5 2468
R6 2135
R7 2134
R8 7231

R1 PICK 5 – 6 / 345 / ALL / 2346 / 24 – $28.80

R5 PICK 4 – 24 / ALL / 12345 / 27 – $24

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