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January 24, 2022

Forums can be a great place for Sportsbook Feedback

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The business of betting on sports

Forums can be a great place for Sportsbook Feedback

We are in the thick of the NCAABB season with March Madness looming in the back ground and this means one thing, the NBA and NHL  playoffs are knocking on the door and spring training has begin for MLB. In other words, we are in the busiest time of the sports gambling year. Now is the time to earn a six-figure income from gambling revenue. You can do this and although it may sound difficult, it’s not. There is a pile of money on the table, who’s going to take their share? You must first position yourself at the table, find a great seat un pull up for what could be the best year to date. In order to accomplish your dreams this season, you must have a great online sportsbook that you can trust and rely on.

Forums are a great place for Sportsbook Feedback

Forums are the best possible way to find a great bookmaker. There are all kinds of people that want your money, who do you give your money to? You may be a seasoned online gambler and maybe you have a sportsbook that you know, love, and trust; keep them. You should absolutely keep them. 

Every successful online gambler has more than one sportsbook and that means maintaining them with an active balance. You must do this. Most online bookmakers require that you open the account with $100 or more We highly suggest that you maintain at least three and even five or more. 

Call the sportsbook that the forums have highly recommended, ask them what their policies are and ask how you can be “payout ready”. Position yourself to be payout ready at all times and when you want a payout, all you need to do is request it. 

We will take this a step further – DO NOT deposit with any online sportsbook until you know for certain that you are indeed payout eligible. As mentioned, most bookies require that you deposit at least $100. In order to be payout eligible, you must provide a government-issued ID  (which they keep on file), many of the bookies will ask for an address, working email and phone number. They all have their different requirements and what one requests, may be different from another. Before you make that deposit, double-check to make sure you are payout ready. If not, ask them what you have to do and wait for confirmation before depositing. 

We suggest maintaining a handful of online bookies for a few great reasons. One would be for the best lines and odds. If you can beat one bookie out of another bookie by even a half-point, do it. A half a point here and a half a point there can save you a lot of money, or it can cost you a win. 

Stay in tune with great sportsbook forums. Seasoned players use forums and they will often give their opinions about what great in the industry, what’s bad, what sportsbooks are offering the best deals on bonuses and what sportsbooks payout quick and with no hassle. Find these great forums then sign up with a few great online bookies. The time to make money is right now. 

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