August 9, 2022


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By Dan Leach

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Thursday, April 20th, 7PM



(Current America’s Bookie’s Line CAVS -2.5 TOTAL 211.5)

This series has been a lotttt together than the Cavs would like it and give credit to Indy, who has fought tooth and nail so far, but this is where that changes and Cleveland shows why they are the defending champs. Indy had it’s chances to take either game one or two, but failed and now the Cavs can smell blood in game three and will take full advantage.

Lebron James has said he feels his team is ready to truly start rolling and this would be the perfect spot for that to happen in a game where if the Cavs win, the series will for all intents and purposes be OVER. I think Indy can make this game tough for Cleveland to put away early, but they just don;t have enough even behind their voracious home crowd, to knock Cleveland off tilt after the Cavs winning the first two games of the series.

Indy will have it’s moments from Paul George and their solid defense, but Lebron, Love, Irving and company will get the lead in the early stages and never relinquish it . I see this game going the way of a Cavs romp starting in the second quarter where the Pacers will just simply be out of this game and not be able to work themselves back in it. Take advantage of the low spread as for a rare time with Cleveland in the past month plus , it is definitely worth gobbling up .


7.4 DTM Bagels and Locks on the  (CAVS -2.5)


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