January 25, 2022

DTM’s NCAAF Game of the Day | OSU at OU

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#3 Ohio State Buckeyes at #14 Oklahoma Sooners


When: 7:30 PM ET, Sunday, September 17, 2016

Where: Gaylord Family – Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, Norman, Oklahoma

America’s Bookie Line: Ohio State -1 Total: 62.5



By Dan Leach

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Yes, Ohio State is 18-0 in road games with Urban Meyer, yes Oklahoma got blasted by Houston opening week, but like the great Tommy Lee Jones line in the Fugitive when Richard Kimball says he didn’t kill his wife…..“I DON’T CARE!” I still think the Sooners are a heck of a team and this is basically an elimination game for them as far as the CFP is concerned.

They are playing at home, they are angry and they have one of the best QB’s in the country in Baker Mayfield. This is going to be a test of wills as the Bucks have one of the best signal callers in the land as well in J.T Barrett. Games like this come down to a few plays and I just see the Sooners making them at home and getting after Barrett with that solid defensive front.

Sooners coach Bob Stoops has failed in so many of these types of games, but this is going to be where he turns that around and gets Oklahoma back into the College Football Playoff picture. It is going to be a war and Ohio State will win some of the battles, but the Sooners will get out with the only thing that matters….The Victory!!

7.8 DTM Bagels and Locks on the Sooners (Oklahoma +1)

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