August 9, 2022


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Wednesday, May 3rd, 9:30 PM



By Dan Leach

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(Current America’s Bookie‘s Line SPURS -5.5 TOTAL 215)


If I was going to be kind I would tell you the Rockets blasted the Spurs in game one, but I am not going to be kind….The Rockets UTTERLY EMBARRASSED San Antonio. The Spurs did not look a shade of their usual self and the bottom line is, until San Antonio shows me they can hang with a team I think could win it all in the Rockets, I have ZERO trust for them. This could be the game that basically puts this series out of reach for a San Antonio team that has basically been ageless for the better part of two decades.

San Antonio looked old and Houston looked like a teenager, The Rockets had an answer for everything the Spurs threw at the and S.A had no answers for the Rockets three point barrage. Houston basically just has to stop Kawahi Leonard , while the Spurs have to stop any of 6 Rockets players that can take over a game This might be the series where we see the end of the Spurs as we know them as Houston simply is just too talented all over the court and on both sides of the ball for the Spurs to hang with them in most games yet alone have a true chance to win this series.

I don’t see Houston being up by over 30 again in this one but I do see a Rockets lead from start to finish , even though the Spurs will put forth their best effort, maybe of the playoffs in this one. This should be a close game throughout , but like I said in game one when I told you to take the Rocket Ship moneyline I am going to tell you to do it again as well as the plus five and a half. Houston just has too much and they will show it again in the Lone Star State in the Wednesday nightcap.


7.8 DTM Bagels and Locks on the  (ROCKETS +5.5 and a play on the Moneyline +$200)


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