August 9, 2022

Double Digit Lead Lost as Seattle Chokes Away Super Bowl

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Patriots Super Bowl Party

Down the rabbit hole went the chances of the Seattle Seahawks as a late interception sealed a 28-24 loss to the New England Patriots.  The theme of the NFL this season has been double digit leads squandered by the best of teams.  We saw this in the playoff games and it was only fitting that the champion was crowned in this matter.  The last play call might be criticized but let us not forget that Seattle lead by ten in the fourth quarter.  Congratulations again to the Pats.  In this edition, we get into the flow of college basketball.  Has our Silicon Beast started to lose us money?  Read on to found out in this ATB daily feature.


Out Witted by Red Foxes

The brown fox might be quick but the red ones of Marist got the job done on Sunday.  A double digit dog on the road that made Canisus look rather inept in a 75-67 win.  With this derailment, our Silicon Beast project is firing at fifty percent.  But alas as we all should know, the vig chews into that plummeting us into the loss column.

  • 5-5-1 -$50 = -0.50 units

Shun the Draw

So far in this heads up battle, silicon picks have come out exactly even against the books.  This is no good for our purposes.  The key to a successful project in this arena is too have a product that does really good or bad.  You may ask why is bad good?  A fade is often just as profitable as a capper that produces quality work.  The snakebit are tragic but can be cultivated for profit.  In that spirit, the Silicon Beast should get off that dreaded 50 percent mark today.  Today it is willing to take on one of the harder teams to set the bar with.  Iowa State with a breakneck pace provides wide fluctuation and should provide a difficult bar to set.  The books and money have adjsuted to ISU + 7/12 on the road against Kansas.

The Silicon Beast Official Selection of the Day is Iowa State + 7 1/2.  Let us hope our artificial comrade gets going today.

Congratulations to all of those who tailed us with the Patriots.  It took late heroics and an odd play call to get us through but we did it.  Now let us focus on college basketball, the NBA, and the NHL in the upcoming weeks.  Football has been fun but plenty of profit still needs to be harvested.  Stay with ATB as we examined the fields to bring you the best pastures to graze in.





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