December 7, 2022

Don’t Panic When a Losing Streak Looms

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Don’t Panic commonly adorns covers of the classic science fiction novel, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”  This trite saying is useful in numerous facets in our life but we are willing to throw it out quickly when it comes to our money.  The NHL Consensus Project is at a key crossroad today.  For the first time since it’s start, the public has been wrong twice in a row.  Nothing out of the ordinary with that because out of thirty days, it is to be expected.  However, the amount of flinch is a lot to take when you see sizable chunks of profit erode because of the high chalk wagers.  Personality type will have a lot to do with seeing it all the way through or taking the profit and halting.  Before either decision is made, take a deep breath and remember “Don’t Panic!”

Take the Long Way Home

Critical mass is approaching as Vancouver imploded and let a far flung Florida team romp in Canada.  This brings our profit down to this :

  • 15-7 +$361 = +3.61 Units

Islander fans of ATB be of good cheer as the public has rung up your team to notify them that they are the selection for this evening.  A mid level chalk offering of -158, they take their act on the road but not too far away.  New Jersey is the scene where we can get back on the path.  For those that are anxious to pull the rip cord, be calm and don’t panic.

Brady and Baltimore Again

With mega contract status, Joe Flacco flies under the radar.  He was quoted as saying that playing Brady is still special.  Nothing to give the master motivators up north to work with.  The win at Pittsburgh showed how they both out muscle and restrain a very motivated Ben looking for his next big contract.  Now they get Brady who wants his fourth ring and frankly has been underwhelming in the playoffs as of late.  Weather and home field are negated by Baltimore so it is a straight up seven point spread you are looking at.  The weather will actually affect the Pats offense most of all if it does not allow Tom to go vertical.  We are looking at 15 degrees, sunny, and near fifteen mile per hour wins.  While we are usually about wagering early and getting a good number, patience will be rewarded in this one.

It comes down to the jailbreak.  Seattle has given a new blueprint on playing the older legends at QB.  If they appear at all that their long ball is out of kilter then you must jam the short routes.  Brady has more in the arm than Manning at this point but if the wind is gusty, Baltimore will play riverboat gambler with him.  Gusty means a cover for the Ravens.  Most other situations look like New England double digits going away.  The conditions play that much for both teams.  We could come out with a definite pick but we do our readers a dis service if we did. Wake up Sunday, check the weather near 1PM and get those wagers in at America’s Bookie.  Enjoy the game my friends.


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