August 9, 2022

Demonstrating Value as a Fade

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For those whom think that their every move will sink into the ocean, be of good cheer.  You are a person whom is known as a fade.  To think that you have no value is an understatement.  The worse thing in the world is a handicapper who gets fifty percent at -110 lines. These players get consumed by the vig of the books to pay for the ability to place the bet. Now a fade has the honor of helping his community out by providing picks in which others can play the opposite and come out ahead.  Our Silicon Beast is under the weather and the profit is gone.  We have a stop gap of five units in this project but no matter what, we will continue to provide the picks until day thirty is in the books.

UFC’s Show Must Go On


When Jones failed his drug test, the testing commission claimed impotence because cocaine was not banned at that point of the fighter’s training.  This time the Nevada State Athletic Commission said that did not get the results until Tuesday, 2/3 for Anderson Silva.  Two banned steroid metabolites were flaged.  Why use a facility or a method of detection if the results take nearly a month from the Jan 9th sample date?  This reeked of utter money grubbing as a delay like this benefits most everyone.  Now we have two organizations NSAC and UFC, that appear to be on the same moral ground as boxing.  At least it did not harsh out the buzz of Diaz who got dinged a third time for marijuana in his system.


  • 5-7 – $270 = -2.70

Losing streaks come like this and that is why we go thirty days to cover such a contingency.  Alas North Carolina State tried but came up short by four points last night.  For tonight’s conflict, the Silicon Beast looked out west to Wyoming.  Linesmakers like the Cowboys and the home court advantage they have up in that dust bowl.  The app counters with Colorado State and that their team concept should more than make up for them being on the road.  At +2, Colorado State is your Silicon Beast wager of the evening.  Good fortune to this selection else we are getting close to the wall in our stop loss.

On the opposite side of the drug testing spectrum, the No Fun League got Josh Gordon suspended for one year for failing a drug test for alcohol.  From one extreme to the other, both results are disheartening.  Maybe the war on drugs should just be halted.  Let the athletes do what they feel they have to.  The cloak and dagger aspects of this issue detracts from enjoyment of the fans.

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