January 24, 2022

Deciding What to Bet On

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Man furious with his bad stock trades taking it out on his computer by shooting at it.

I had so many people pestering me about the Facebook, just to shut them up I started an account. Add me, Joe Berra, I’ll accept everyone. So I feel I need to get something out of it, and I’m going to start with YOU! Social media is the way of the world now right? People are making a living off it and now I’ve done my part, I want something back.

I’ve been betting on anything I could since I was old enough to have money in my pocket, and sometimes without having money. My biggest problem most days was I didn’t know what I should bet on; should I only bet on a game I was able to watch? Should I place a wager on my favorite team or should I take the advice old man Abe yelled my way whenever I walked past his house? Do I bet on basketball, hockey, baseball, football; obviously it depends on the season, or do I just bet on my favorite sport?

So tell me, what sways you towards a certain sport or a specific game? The choices we make must ultimately play a part in deciding our fate doesn’t it? When making that choice, do you go with or against public opinion? There are so many options and opinions; sometimes it is overwhelming just deciding what to bet on let alone which side you are going to take.

So my question to you, the public is this. When you decide you are going to place a wager on any given day, how do you decide what you’re going to bet on? How do you make the choice of whether you’ll place a straight bet, a parlay or a teaser? Will it be a bet on the point spread, the moneyline or the total? Will you try your luck on a reverse wager, an if wager or if bet? The possibilities are endless which is why I am asking these questions.

Do you have some secret formula or do you just go with your gut? The worst thing about going with my gut is I quickly realize more often than not that my gut has $h1t for brains! But I am very interested in hearing in what you, the betting public of the world have to say about this. I know there will not be a definitive answer to this question, but everyone’s opinion counts, there is no right or wrong answer.

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