January 20, 2022

Danger Zone

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Our meager brain cells pulled the fan out of the fire for a very small loss on Thursday.  Had we invested in the Lakers ML, we would be in the profit. The Bulls fell in double overtime which made out wager of Lakers +8 an easy cover.  This can not be said of our pet project, the Silicon Beast.  Read up on what our current level of profit is.  Spoiler alert : Words like trickle and drop would aptly describe it.

Hopefully We Do Not Lose Goose

  • 4-3-1 +$90 = +0.90

Is the Silicon Beast unraveling before our eyes?  We are certainly in the danger zone as day nine approaches with a chance of dipping below even. Both the books and the App got the Utah game off by a country mile as they lost straight up to a dismal UCLA team.  Since the Beast felt it was the play of the day, its failure is something we should take heed of.  We are committed to stay the course but we can not help but feel the our wingman, Goose, is in real trouble with it’s recent results.

Fridays Used to Be Ivy Only

ivy Expansion has to happen with most sports.  Football saw an invasion of high school only under the Friday Night Lights to include college now.  Men’s basketball followed suit as it used to be that the Ivy League had sway on this night.  Not anymore as a few premier programs schedule on this evening to capture the “empty” spotlight.  Tonight’s Silicon Beast pick features one of those schools from the Pac-12.  Oregon at Arizona State is a pivotal game for the fortunes of both schools and their seasons.  It is still early enough to repair the early damage the conference schedule has inflicted.  The current line has ASU -6 and the Beast feels this is out of line.  In a change, it will take a road underdog for once.  The official Silicon Beast selection of day 9 is the Oregon Ducks +6. Finally, your humble author is taking advantage of a current promotion at America’s Bookie.  Super Bowl Square time means more equity for me.  With my $100 or $250 deposit, I will be entered into a Super Bowl Square free of charge.  Win a quarter, get a free play.  Halves and the end of the game score feature added payouts.  The higher deposit will have increased payouts in freeplays.  This is in addtion to the other promotions you may qualify for.  Check them out today and beat the crowd to get your square.

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