December 3, 2023

Yes or No?| Buying Sports Betting Picks

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We often get asked this question as we get closer to the start of football (well a potential) start,“Should I purchase betting picks?” Being a former 1-900 service line operator (Lou Diamond Sports) I would personally answered this question as no, because when it comes down to ROI there are few handicappers selling picks who are actually making money. Any handicapper telling you they hit on 90% of their picks is a flat out lie.

We need not forget that the “touts”.” as I call them will pray on the vulnerability of you the gambler knowing flat out that they can draw you in the so called lock of the yearmismatch game of the month or the linemakers mistake.

The business of betting on sports

The last time I looked none of the following existed and these are some of the tools used and trust me, I‘ve done it myself to grab you the client into buying what isn’t really there. While all of the above should be red flags or concerns, the bigger reason not to purchase picks is that there are far more cost effective methods to beat the bookmaker without allowing someones else picks to do it for you.

I’ve always stated and will continue to say “why would I need someone else help to lose my own money”? When you buy picks and they lose just think about it you bought the ability to lose your hard earned money from a so called servicedoes that make any sense. They helped you LOSE!.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, they may win from time to time, but in the long run, the average best handicapper is going to hit on 57% of their picks and that’s not going to pay the bills if you know what I mean.

The more money you spend on a service plays or picks the higher winning percentage the handicapper will need to hit in order for you to make a profit. I’ll tell you a little story. Five years ago, it was the start of the NFL season and one USA based sports publication that I use to buy for statstrends and general info was always filled with Tout advertising.

I recall looking over one of the ads and its stated, ” We crushed week #1 of the NFL Season going 18-1 versus the bookmakers lines. This week we will slap your bookmaker till it hurts his kids. Pick up the phone and give me a call for the NFL Game of the Year which goes down this weekend.” Wow, only $50 for the call and I get the NFL Game of The Year!

Well, for starters, I have no idea how he went 18-1 last week in the NFL if this was week #1.

Secondly, I can’t believe the NFL Game Of The Year would come in week #1.

And finally, the second part of the ad stated ” BAIL OUT GAME” goes at 4:10pm EST, it’s the west coast mismatch play of the month. Remember expert pick sites are great marketers, I’ll give them that. However, these ads are rather deceiving and most of these expert picks are too good to be true.

As we get closer to the return of professional sports remember whatever you decide and whatever direction you take just think before you jump in head first and if you take the time to do your homework, it’s way better to win or lose knowing you have less people to point the finger too.

Happy wagering and stay safe.

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