January 25, 2022

Bulls Abandon Ship on This Year With Rose Injury

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Bulls Abandon Ship


Abandon ship must have been a shock to hear all those years ago on the Titanic.  On the verge of sinking, it became clear to even the most die hard that this wonder of the world would go down to the depths of the ocean.  Anyone who decided to not leave met there fate that day many decades ago. The closest thing the sports world has to this went down to the matt a third time yesterday.  What historic NBA franchise learned that once again the fate of their franchise would undergo the knife.  What this all means and a review of our Free Pick are in the cards this morning at ATB!

Feeling Pain in the Right Knee

A temptation to ignore this must have been playing out in the mind of Derrick Rose.  This part of his anatomy has been vulnerable in the past with two separate season ending corrective procedures on his knees.  So when he finally  decided to tell the team’s medical staff, the worst was feared.  Indeed it had come true as he will undergo the knife again to repair a tear in his right knee.  Here are some of the ramifications from this.

  • While the timeline for recovery has not been set, his ability to sign the next big deal is certainly in jeopardy. $18M this season and $20 M next is all that is left on the table.  We suggest he invest his money as few if any teams will sign him for even half of what is current deal is for.
  • Retention of coach.  The style that the Bulls players wanted to emulate was a higher tempo team that in the past.  With Rose gone, the Bulls will resort to the defensive style that got them through without Rose.  Thibodeau should retain his job after this year because his system is the best bet to keep the Bulls afloat until they determine what to do.
  • Bye Bye legit playoff hopes this year.

Our NCAA Free Pick went well yesterday.  We had Maryland plus the points and they were an out right winner last night.  Tonight we like Mississippi State with the +18 1/2 at home against Kentucky.  The Wildcats have that blow out potential but this team is now experienced enough to know to coast until the conference tourney.  All sorts of back doors open up with this game.  Good Fortune with Mississippi State + 18 1/2 and we will see you tomorrow at ATB.


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