August 14, 2022

Betting NFL WEEK #2 Lines and Spreads To Watch

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NFL games

Week # 2 NFL

One of the most difficult things to do right now is get caught up on how bad some teams played the opening week of the regular season and two of those teams are the Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears. I would not be shocked to see the Bears explode this coming weekend versus the Denver Broncos laying the (-2). The Browns will travel to ER,NJ to play the Jets who folded up shop against the Bills in their season opener when it looked like an easy win was in the cards. This game is a virtual  (Pk’EM) so you make the call.

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Betting the games? Here’s what you should keep in mind..

First things first:

You must have a budget going into this season. Do not start betting on football without a plan. No plan spells disaster, and quickly. Whatever your budget is, set aside 10% for the sole purpose of betting the preseason; do not go over! 10% and only 10% is what you should allow yourself. This will let you have some fun and if the worst case scenario happens and you lose a chunk of it; you still have 90% of your entire seasons budget to play with on the regular season.

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Who to bet on:

Remember all of those years when you went somewhere in the 40-50% range? Stop beating your head against the wall! How frustrating is it for every year to end the same? Stop the madness. Not only should a budget that you always stick by, be in your plan; you should also have a gambling strategy. Make some money this year, get yourself in the 75% range and up. It is possible, not only is it possible; its highly likely.

How can you do this:

Get professional advice. Most folks simply don’t have the time to do their own research. They just bet on who they like, their favorite team or they bet on “gut instinct.” This is the worst possible scenario for making any money whatsoever. In fact; this strategy will drop you down somewhere near the 30% margin. You work too hard to throw your money down a rat hole. Why would you do it? Pay for professional picks. It is and will be, well worth your time.

Finding a sportsbook that meets your needs is a must. Find a bookie that pays you. When you win; you want paid with no hassle. Cut the BS. Who needs it, wants it or has time for it? Look for a book that has quick and easy deposit options and that offers freebies. You give your sportsbook so much money, why shouldn’t you get something every once in a while?


It is time to have some fun. Enjoy the football season and make money. Have fun, stick to your budget and good luck this season

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