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“Money, horse racing,women and Free Picks” 04-27-20

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Will Rogers said it right,”Money, horse racing and women: 3 things the boys just can’t figure out”

Monday April 27th Free Fonner Park Picks (Listed Below)

They call it the sport of kinds but for as little as a $0.20 wager you can have multitudes of fun betting the races.

Understanding the different wagers and what a potential payoff can be will  part of our break down below for those who need what we call horse betting 101.

Betting on Horses There is more to betting at the track than simply picking up a program saying I like all the # 5 horses and casting your wagers.Sometimes we get drawn in by the horse with the most catchy name and other times we are drawn in to the myth of betting a grey horse on a grey day.

So tell me what color horse do you bet on a sunny day or a cloudy day? If you are looking to actually win money,there are some basic steps to take before laying down your wager. The mistake most bettors make is trying to determine what kind of bet they want to make.

There are tons of different options, in a variety of combinations. The most common and simplest Wager is a straight bet: In a straight bet,you choose one horse to come in first place.In my years of wagering I would say the novice bettor stands greater odd of being successful if he or she begins with the easiest bet which is a show bet.

Now with that being said you must also understand the odds. If the odds on a horse are 4/1, that means you will make $4 profit on every dollar you bet. At most racetracks, there is a minimum bet of $2, so you will make double the odds on your bet (if you bet the minimum on a horse with 4/1 odds, you will walk away with $10 if you win the original $2 plus $8 profit). You may also see odds listed as a dollar amount.

This stands for how much you will make on a $2 bet on a given horse. (If the listed price is $8, that’s how much you will profit from a minimum bet. If you bet $20 on a horse, multiply the payout by five.) Stay tuned for part 2 in this series later this month.

Fonner Park (Mon,April 27th,2020)

Race 1—– 1 Banana Pepper
Race 2——4 Trepi’s Trpl Crown
Race 3——7 Hyper Drive
Race 4——1 Warrior’s Lullaby
Race 5——7 Jomo
Race 6——7 LovethatCause
Race 7——5 Shooters Alley
Race 8——5 Scooter’s Boy
Race 9——1 Merlo’s Lad
Good luck on Monday’s program.

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