January 27, 2022

ATB Super Bowl Selection

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ATB Super Bowl Selection

One day and the status of many of our compatriots will be known.  Super Bowl Sunday is almost upon us and our members decide to go big.  Feasts all around with mugs of beer merrily being passed around.  This is the one day that bankroll management is eased up on.  Sunday is the day which we all work for.  Revel and profit from it.  In that spirit, we will have our Super Bowl Lean.  Also the Silicon Beast had the ability to sink or swim towards the shores of profit.

Oregon Came Through

  • 5-3-1 +$170 = +1.70 Units

Much like Jeopardy there was a scoring adjustment from yesterday’s total.  The database missed the -110 when we lost on two of our selections.  This coupled with the Oregon straight up win last night has put us as the +170 mark.  Now that the Silicon Beast has some cushion, we look forward to this Saturday.  A stacked lineup today means that their should be an increased chance to exploit linesmaker’s vulnerability.  In that spirit, we fire up the app to see where the winds blow.  It is starting to channel road underdogs it seems.  North Carolina appears to be a lot closer to Louisville  than the -5 that the Cardinals get.  The Official Beast Selection is North Carolina + 5 today.

Back to a PickEm

New England had the love of the public for most of the week but as the weekend approached, the game is back at even.  Later money has spoken and have the Seahawks and Patriots as dead even.  With two such conflicting styles, the tiebreaker for us was style points.  Lest anyone forget, Seattle needed that late onside kick recovery to get to where they are at now.  Tom was terrific in dismantling the Colts.  Offensive formations that will challenge the Seahawks will prove to be the difference.  ATB’s Super Bowl Selection is New England ML.

Good fortune for those that have to navigate the grocery stores.  Those in Vegas, do yourself a favor and visit one of your glorious buffets.  Then crack open a beer and rail your lean to victory.  We will be back tomorrow to see how the Silicon Beast did as well as a Super Bowl prop for you.  Good fortune to all of us today.


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