January 24, 2022

Approaching the Last Chance for the Silicon Beast to Make Right

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last chance

When a college basketball team scores fifty points in the second half and you were fading them then big trouble is looming. ¬†Couple with it that you had to give them -3 on the spread and it will almost always be graded as a loss. ¬†This is what happened last night to the Silicon Beast’s selection. ¬†The slide of near biblical proportion continues. ¬†Value as a fade is great but alas we have not reached the stop gap yet. ¬†In this edition of the ATB All-Around, we will consider taking a day off to tackle the busy slate on Saturday ¬†in the face of this last chance. ¬†Also we will peek around the world of sports and reveal a free pick from the mind of your’s truly. ¬†Good luck and let us begin.


Damn the Clippers can sure phone it in on occasion. ¬†This was the score when the rout was on by the Cav’s against LAC. ¬†The final score was 105-94 but can a team of any playoff quality just no show like this on more than one occasion? ¬†Mentally they have shown no progress as they racked over four silly technical fouls in a three minute spa. ¬†This only encourages Memphis and the other teams to just bang away on them in the playoffs. ¬†For the Cavs, the pieces of the puzzle in the form of Mozgov and JR Smith are fitting nicely. ¬†The picture is becoming clear. ¬†Cleveland could take the East this year.

Another Team Starting to No Show

Washington fans can at least attribute this to growing pains.  Learning how to pace themselves during the NBA grind would help them.  A five game losing streak has given rise to the same worries that cropped up early in the schedule.  This was based around the quality of opposition.  Much like the Clippers, Washington can dismantle average or below talent.  Come up with an equal opponent and you get this five game slide.  Raptors, Hawks, and Suns are not chopped liver but in reality a contender in the East should get at least one win against them.  Improved bench play is what they need to focus on for them to get past the second round.

The premise of the Beast was that with so many games in the NCAA basketball schedule, that vulnerabilities would manifest itself.  We would take the greatest difference in opinion and wager on them.  So far the books have represented mankind very well.

  • 5-9-1 -$490 = -4.90 U

One loss in the next two and we reach the stop gap of -5.00 units. ¬†With Friday’s limited schedule, we are going to give the Silicon Beast a day off. ¬†No tinkering will be done but we want the greatest amount of games to go against for it’s best pick (LOL). ¬†From my standpoint, I got some early cheddar on the Raptors – 2 1/2 against the Clippers. ¬†By no means a lock, I am making this my NBA Free Pick of the night. ¬†Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow.

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