January 27, 2022

African Nations Cup Fine and the Silicon Beast’s Last Stand

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A last chance before the stopgap slams shut.  The Silicon Beats is at -4.90 units and faces a daunting task.  It must win two in a row to survive the real money portion of this trial.  Even if we go 1-1 in the next two, the -0.10 unit gets us to that dreaded minus five mark.  ATB readers this is it as we skipped a light Friday fare to get to the vast amount of options today.  Another feather in the cap of humanity was the win we had last night tailing the Raptors as they won going away.  So read on to gather valuable free picks and see what else is going on in the world of sport.

African Nations Cup and Bad Press

What to do when part of your continent is trying to stem an Ebola outbreak.  Morocco was due to host the 2015 edition of the African Cup when they pulled out.  Citing concerns over the disease, the Royal Moroccan Football Federation was called to task this week and faced their sentence.  The nation has been banned from the tourney in 17 and 19.  Fines and damages amounting to $10M will also ordered up.  What Morocco called prudent, the governing agency called alarmist.  Alas this seems to be what happens when one tries to put world health first.


Survival Calls Upon the Baylor Bears

No bones or fancy words here.  Under a death sentence, the Silicon Beast selects the Baylor Bears +4 against West Virginia today.  If it should fail then the linesmakers would have been pronounced correct in the tinkering they do once the math gives them an initial point of reference.  With 5-9-1 -$490 = -4.90 Units, it is time to put up or shut up for our silicon friend.

Maple Leafs Not Adapting to Mid Season Change

A change for the future has certainly derailed the present.  An eleven game losing streak is in direct correlation of the alteration of the philosophy of this team.  Free skating gave the fans high scoring and entertaining games.  Playoff success was lacking so ownership decided to go to a dry defensive style.  This has been met with near revolt from the team.  Used to having fun in the rink, they are now being asked to work twice as hard for the same money in the middle of the season.  Dull hockey with lower personal stats has been met with dissatisfaction.  The team has revolted and lost eleven straight.  Can they beat the woeful Oilers tonight?  The total for this one is still up there at 5 1/2 for -120.  Our ATB Free Pick of the day is the under 5 1/2 goals in the Oilers/Leafs game this evening.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow at ATB.

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